July 21, 2024

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0 goals, but also 0 words: Why is Romelu Lukaku the only devil who remains silent?

0 goals, but also 0 words: Why is Romelu Lukaku the only devil who remains silent?

He discusses a lot, but is silent like a mouse. While Romelu Lukaku is desperate to score a goal, the outside world must wait for an explanation from the striker himself during the European Championship. Why is the Red Devils captain the only player whose voice has not been heard yet?

Dutch, English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Spanish and even Lingala.

Thanks to his brilliant language skills, Romelu Lukaku often becomes a celebrity during major tournaments. But not now. It can also be difficult: as the only one of the (playing) Devils, the record-breaking shooter has not given a single interview during the European Championship.

Not before the game, not afterward in the mixed zone or at the designated media moment on Saturday afternoon. Despite numerous requests from the media, the question posed by press chief Stefan van Locke gradually became rhetorical.

It is also noteworthy that Lukaku has not posted any message on social media since arriving in Germany.

Out of reach of the press

Radio silence with Romelu, then.

A big difference with some of the other big stars during this tournament.

Harry Kane – although he is also looking at his best – spoke to the press yesterday. Cristiano Ronaldo was present at the Portuguese media day. Kylian Mbappé opened the European Championship with a strong political statement.

In terms of oratory, Lukaku is on par with the French star – when the Big Room speaks, he always has something to say.

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But despite the Red Devils’ stormy group stage, the all-time top scorer does not appear inclined to verbally intervene. Captain Kevin De Bruyne has taken on that role (neatly) for the time being.

Lukaku’s reluctance to give interviews is not entirely new. Just like defenders, he has repeatedly proven elusive to the press in recent years.

Interviews in Rome last season? “Never,” said an Italian colleague. “At most, one for Sky Sports after the match.”

He also had to wait months for his version of the facts about Qatar’s disappointing World Cup, which eventually appeared in a documentary on Amazon’s streaming service.

In The Devils, Big Rom spoke one last time (in detail) in October 2023 about an eventful summer. It was a fun, but unfortunately rare, half-hour.

Ballast at sea

What makes Lukaku so silent?

If there’s anyone who can get inside a striker’s head, it’s David Stegen. Spokesman Remco Evenepoel, among others, was Anderlecht’s press secretary for many years and witnessed Lukaku’s huge media achievement from the first row.

“Romelu is seasoned,” says Stegen. “It seems a little rude, but it doesn’t need the media to make it better anymore.”

“But it’s not because he sees the media as an enemy, right? Look, Romelu is someone who does everything to achieve his goal. Including throwing all the weight overboard. I’m convinced that he doesn’t want to waste his energy on interviews and that he considers him a burden, he prefers to spend His time is training or resting.

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Will Lukaku speak at some point? Then he will decide for himself.

David Stegen

Stegen, who also coaches Red Devils Yohan Bakayoko and Zino Debast, believes Lukaku has undergone a transformation in that area.

“At the beginning, Romelu always wanted to be right with the media. That is no longer the case. On the contrary. During the saga surrounding his move to Roma, Romelu did not say a single word. While he was attacked everywhere and incorrect stories appeared, whether he will speak at some point, then he will decide for himself.”

The fact that Lukaku is currently being talked about negatively again in many media outlets due to a disappointing European Championship will serve as additional fuel, according to Stegen.

“I’m sure Romelu is dying inside because he hasn’t scored yet. Fortunately, he’s a man who needs revenge to give his best.”

France has warned.

However, the “Player of the Match” is obliged to speak to the press every time. Hope brings life?