March 30, 2023

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1-7: The union of swirls on the beach and the fall of the hero's crowns

1-7: The union of swirls on the beach and the fall of the hero’s crowns

Union Saint-Gilloise crowned themselves the Autumn Champion on Sunday evening after a stunning performance in Ostend. The competition leader in Brussels blew KVO on the coast and won 1-7 on the 15th day of the match (1st half: 1-4). Deniz Undav was the star of the treble. Union was ahead of the first pursuers of Antwerp and Club Brugge, who lost, already by 7 points.

The Autumn title is symbolically awarded to the team that leads halfway through the competition. After defeats at Club Brugge and Antwerp, Union was already able to snatch that “price” with another two days of the game remaining at half. “It’s good to be the Autumn Champion for that honor. But you don’t buy anything with it. With a performance like this, you maintain a positive spirit,” says coach Phyllis Matsu, who was wary of Ostend after an international break. They put the Federation on a pedestal, but I want to watch out for overconfidence. It can destabilize the group.”

Undav muscle rolls

But it is clear that the federation has absorbed the international break well. Already in the first minute the fans were allowed to express their joy in the crowded Brussels visitors section. As has often been the case this season, striker Undav’s brother Vanzer sent deep. The new Red Devil waited face-to-face with the goalkeeper and cleverly surrendered to Nielsen, who made a decision on the goalkeeper’s two fists. Nieuwkoop was accurate in the second half, but Vanzer’s offside flag was raised early in the attack.

It turned out to be just a holdup, because he was hit again for five minutes. Ostend almost scored the opening goal from a corner kick, and Al Ittihad quickly responded on the counter. A pass from Nieuwkoop fell between three defenders, but they worked clumsily far at Undav’s feet. He did not hesitate and punished the fatal error in turn: 0-1. What a dream that begins in an angry union. A fierce Brussels storm broke out on the coast.

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| Al Ittihad players celebrate Deniz Undev’s opening goal in and against Ostend (November 21, 2021).

KV Oostende is totally taken aback by the proud competition leader. Undav was eager to score the second goal. He saw a first chance at it in Jäkel’s leg. But in the fifteen minutes 0-2 was presented to him on a silver platter. Nieuwkoop came to the back line after a brilliant and clever combination with Nielsen and put in a good cross. Undav completed a superb attack from close range.

hungry union

However, the match was not played, because in the middle of the first half, KV Oostende scored the connecting goal. Like a thunderbolt out of the blue, Union seemed to have removed the sting from the dangerous counterattack. But Kendos made a mistake and replayed at Ambrose’s feet. The home team striker gratefully accepted the gift: 1-2. Five minutes later, Ndika lunged into the far corner, but Union was saved with an offside flag.

The attacks now followed each other in quick succession. Ostend’s defenders didn’t do well away from Undav’s cross, allowing a seated Nielsen to take advantage. Shot at 1-3 after half an hour. Hunger in Brussels is still not satisfied. Lapusen, who replaced Mituma, tired of his Japanese international obligations, played the wonderful Undav. He dribbled and found Burgess separated at the far post: 1-4 before the break.

Strong midfielder Kasper Nielsen also scored his goal against KV Oostende (November 21, 2021).

© Belga Pictures

| Strong midfielder Kasper Nielsen also scored his goal against KV Oostende (November 21, 2021).

Ostend brought in three new players to the start of the second half. The home team had to attack if it was still hoping to pick up something against Al Ittihad. As a result, Brussels residents can lurk at the counter. Already after five minutes I produced that 1-5 egg. Teuma used space, but wasn’t the perfect Vanzer pass. His cracked shot on the left did not pass the Ostend goalkeeper.

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The torrential downpour on the coast didn’t bother Brussels supporters in the least. ‘Vamos a la playa’, the cult sparked by Al Ittihad fan Righeira, came out of the stands in an entertaining fashion. The fun only increased when Undav completed a hat-trick. On the counterattack, Touma seemed to hesitate for a long time, but Vanzer conjured an excellent pass. Undav had his third evening ticking the clock.

Device point for Vanzer

Meanwhile, the sky in Ostend was completely open. The union showed no mercy. In the corner, Burgess headed in the 1-6 inning, with his second goal of the evening. Vanzer also scored another goal. The new Red Devil created the princely skin over the Ostend goalkeeper to score the final score 1-7. For the fans: This is the first time this season that Undav and Vanzeir have scored in the same match.

The Federation can call itself the Autumn Champion after 15 days of matches. good performance. In the past two months, the residents of Brussels have won all matches of the tournament (18 out of 18). In the standings, Matsu’s forces lead with 34 points out of 45, which is already seven points more than the title teams Antwerp and Club Brugge. The fairy tale football continues in Brussels. OH Leuven will be visiting Duden Park on Friday.


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| Christian Burgess scored his fifth and sixth goal while using Al Ittihad.