December 7, 2023

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1 in 7 readers have no problem with fake moon photos

1 in 7 readers have no problem with fake moon photos

14 percent of readers think it is okay for Samsung phones with their artificial intelligence to ensure that pictures of the moon look much better than reality. This week Samsung got excited about upgrading its lunar imagery with its 100x Space Zoom Moonshot. Although it states by itself that it definitely doesn’t fake photos, it appears that way to a lot of people. But it turns out for many people that everything related to AI beautification isn’t a problem at all.

Moon image from Samsung

However, the majority of Androidworld readers are not at all happy with a fake photo. Forty-seven percent said they did not want their moon photo falsified. There is also a large group of 35 percent who say a little bit of AI is okay, but that there should be no manipulation. 3 percent don’t know very well: This makes sense, after all, and it may also depend largely on the extent of the falsification.

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In fact, many readers indicate that they want to choose. It’s great that it can be done, but it also needs to be done. Ekoh: “I wouldn’t mind if I could turn it off. Just like all the other filters.” Karel-Willem seems to find it all an unnecessary hassle. “Theoretically, everyone takes the same picture of the same moon. So it doesn’t make sense. Then take a nice picture from the Internet.” While this is always an option if you’re just using it to watch yourself at home, you should take image rights into consideration. Otherwise, moon photos on your website, blog, or social media suddenly get expensive.

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AW reconnaissance

Glassblowers don’t like artificial intelligence: “Fake images that have nothing to do with the reality of space, time, and emotion have no place in any camera.” Meanwhile, other readers have found out why this feature exists. tukker: “Of course it sucks, you don’t get what you shoot, but what you want to see. Soon I will take a picture of an alien on the moon and it will be erased because the AI ​​says it’s a defect. 😥 #coolpicture.”

We haven’t actually caught any moon man or other space scum with the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra yet, so maybe @tukker is totally right.

Thanks for your responses! Next week again? Then we’ll be back with another poll on AW.