February 6, 2023

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100,000 new jobs this year: “This is undoubtedly a historical fact”

According to Belgian National Bank economist Gert Langenus, the strong figure is mainly due to the first six months of 2022. “Despite the war, the economy is still doing very well in the first half of the year.” The National Bank doesn’t expect it to end again, now that the economy is clearly starting to slow. “On the contrary. It’s precisely this tight labor market that means companies are less likely to lay off people,” says Langenus.

According to labor market expert Jan Dennis van Randstad, growth is mainly concentrated in the service sector. In restaurants or shops, for example, many hands are needed. “Growing now is much more labour-intensive,” Dennis says on Radio 1’s “Morning” programme.

According to Denys, the largest growth figures are likely to be recorded in Flanders, although there are currently no exact figures for this. It is also not yet clear what effect job creation will have on the employment rate. “The working-age population has increased sharply because we’ve seen more immigration,” says Dennis.

“This is without a doubt a boost for Vivaldi,” Dennis said. In a period of controversy over the budget or over the extension of a number of nuclear reactors, the federal government could use something like that.

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