October 3, 2022

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129 km/h for a speed camera: how much is that on your dashboard?  † MyGuide

129 km/h for a speed camera: how much is that on your dashboard? † MyGuide

From now on with a at a speed of 129 km / h Or he passed a speed control camera or a speed check, guaranteed to be fined. But how well does this fit in with your car’s odometer? Philip Rylant, spokesperson for the TRAXIO Mobility Consortium, explains.

The speed you read on your car’s odometer is in principle higher than the actual speed. “This way, manufacturers want to avoid drivers incurring speeding fines,” says Philip Rylant, spokesperson for the TRAXIO Mobility Association, former Federauto. The exact amount of this margin of error depends on many factors. Not only does each car brand use different margins of error, but this can also vary for the types of cars or engines for those brands.”

Furthermore, car manufacturers do not find it appropriate to communicate about the margins of error used. They do not want to receive claims from drivers who have received a speeding fine and who object to the difference between effective speed and speed on the odometer.

Tire pressure and wheel size

“A number of other factors play a role as well,” says Philip Rylant. “For example, tire pressure, as well as tires with a size that deviates from the standard size, affects the speed you read on the table. And when the road is downhill or downhill, cruise control cannot always guarantee a constant speed.”


This margin of 9 km / h in order not to receive a fine has not been continuously introduced with 129 km / h from now on.

Philip Rylant, TRAXIO

Derivative driver margin

Why are you looking for boundaries? That’s what Philip Rylant wonders. “This was also not the government’s intention when it announced that the technical tolerance is now 129 km/h. However, we all adhere to the 120 km/h speed limit on motorways. A 9 km/h margin has been introduced to avoid being fined mainly for drivers who They unknowingly pressed the gas pedal too hard, or who are distracted for a few milliseconds. So don’t constantly overlook 129 km/h. Those who adhere to the speed limit do not have to worry. Moreover, there is no intention of constantly working with this margin of tolerance during driving. Your focus should be primarily on traffic.”

Speed ​​camera and lane control

A TRAXIO spokesperson also points out this: “For those who really think they’re going to be driving on the edge of 129 km/h, it also makes a difference whether you go through a speed camera or a speed check. It’s very difficult to maintain a constant speed of just under 129 km/h. During a speed check, for example, 10 km. Certainly for those who drive a car that still has an analog odometer. Then it is a real millimeter work to keep the indicator between 120 and 130 km / h. And again: So you are not paying attention to traffic, But you pay attention to your odometer. And that’s dangerous.”


Navigation apps are a little more accurate, but they’re also not 100 percent accurate for measuring speed.

Philip Rylant, TRAXIO

satellite measurement

For those who want to know their speed more accurately, satellite measurements are possible. Think navigation apps like Waze, Sygic, Google Maps, and Apple Maps. “It’s actually a little more accurate, but it’s also not 100 percent accurate for a speed measurement,” Philip Rylant immediately adds. “But like I said: If your car doesn’t exceed 120 km/h on the odometer, you don’t have to worry about getting a speeding fine in the mailbox.”

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