October 3, 2022

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14-year-old dog, missing for two months, found alive in Missouri cave |  Abroad

14-year-old dog, missing for two months, found alive in Missouri cave | Abroad

Good news from Missouri, USA. There, 14-year-old Abby’s dog was found alive after missing the animal for two months. Abby has survived alone for nearly 60 days and was found this weekend in a cave in a western US state.

Abby, a cross between a small dog and a bass, has been missing since early June. Owner Jeff Boehnert has been searching the whole time and hasn’t given up hope of finding his almost 14-year-old friend. Bohnert posted about his missing dog on Facebook and called his neighbors and the police, but no one saw Abby.

Last weekend, he received a message from a neighbor that people who were investigating a nearby cave had found a dog. Bonnert doubted whether it could have been his four-legged friend, but he went to the cave anyway. Much to his surprise, it was Abby who was brought out of the cave. “I immediately said, ‘This is my dog,'” Bonnert says.

60 days

It was Jerry Kane who found Abby. He and several other people were exploring Berom Mor Cave. “One of the kids ran in front of him and shouted that there was a dog,” Kane said. “She rolled like a ball. She raised her head and looked at us, but she did not respond to verbal commands.” Abby lived alone for 60 days. Rescuers believe she spent most of it in the barren, 14-degree cold cave where she was found.

Kane enlists the help of Rick Haley, a caveman, to get Abby out of the cave. “We knew Abby wouldn’t be able to walk to the entrance, mainly because she was going through narrow walkways and steep slopes,” says Hayley. Abby was immediately wrapped in a blanket, and the animal was clearly happy with it after weeks in the cold mud.

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However, due to her weakness, it was difficult to get Abby out of the cave, as Halley learned. “It was essential that we not treat her harshly,” he says. The rescue operation took about an hour and a half.

He lost half his weight

Soon after Abby’s release, Ken went to a few homes in the area to ask if anyone had lost a dog. In this way Bohnert was eventually found as owner. According to Halley and Bonnert, Abby lost half her weight in the cave.

Abby is now in a better position, but she is still recovering from her cave adventure. “She’s wagging her tail again, to show she’s left the trauma behind,” Boehnert says. “She’s acting like herself again.”

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