November 29, 2022

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15% of readers paid more than 900 euros for their smartphone

15% of readers paid more than 900 euros for their smartphone

Smartphones come in all kinds of price ranges and it seems that more and more people are ignoring high-end phones and opting for mid-range devices. Reason for us to ask how much you spend on the phone. 15 percent go to the flagship, but there are also a large number of people who choose the mid-range segment.

What do you spend on your smartphone?

Phone prices are up again, and while fuel prices are skyrocketing and people often have less to spend due to the coronavirus, it was reported that the first quarter of 2022 wasn’t great in terms of phone sales. What about Androidworld readers? What do you spend? smart phone

Fifteen percent spend more than 900 euros, while 10 percent dive into the tranche below that of between 750 and 900 euros and in the tranche again less than that between 600 and 750 euros. for example Melrobin 1608: “S22 Ultra for about 1,000 euros with a lot of discounts.”

Crowds in the middle part

Most readers are in the middle category: 14 percent choose a smartphone priced between 450 and 600 euros, compared to 22 percent who choose phones between 300 and 450 euros. so too Eric vs 16: “Realme gt neo 2 for 400 euros, during Belsimpel’s weeks of work a few months ago. I’m incredibly happy with it.” Low budget includes 21 percent of our readers: 19 between 150 and 300 euros. 2 per cent do not spend more than 150 euros.

Of course it’s not always clear how much you’re paying for a phone, because you’re buying a phone with a subscription (7 percent). And not even 1 percent remember what they spent on their phones. These are not very different numbers from us last year We saw when we asked the same question: then only 10 per cent chose a €900+ phone. In short, phones will eventually become more expensive, but we don’t immediately see among our readers that we are ignoring those expensive phones en masse.

We will be back with you next week with a new poll, will you participate again? until that time!

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