November 27, 2022

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170 flights since January: Taylor Swift's private jet has already released the most CO2 this year |  Famous People

170 flights since January: Taylor Swift’s private jet has already released the most CO2 this year | Famous People

Famous PeopleA questionable honor for Taylor Swift (32). British marketing company Yard calculated that its private jet was the most emit in the past year. Since January, the aircraft has already been used 170 times.

She is known for taking climate seriously, but singer Taylor Swift still tops the list of celebrities who caused the most emissions with their private jet. Over the past year, British marketing firm Yard has been tracking the flight data of private jets for the stars and has been able to calculate who emits the most carbon dioxide. For example, it has become apparent that Taylor Swift’s private jet has been used 170 times since January, and is good for 22,923 minutes in the air. That equates to flying 15.9 full days, Yared said. As a result, the plane released 8,293 tons of carbon dioxide in 2022. The plane took an average of 80 minutes on the road. “Taylor’s plane is regularly loaned out to other individuals,” her spokesperson commented on the news in Rolling Stone. “Attributing all—or most—of these trips to her is wholly incorrect.”

This is the complete top 10

1- Taylor Swift – 8,293 tons of carbon dioxide
2. Floyd Mayweather – 7,076 tons of carbon dioxide
3. Jay-Z – 6,981 tons of CO
4. Alex Rodriguez – 5,342 tons of carbon dioxide
5- Blake Shelton – 4,495 tons of carbon dioxide
6. Steven Spielberg – 4,465 tons of carbon dioxide
7. Kim Kardashian – 4,268 tons of carbon dioxide
8. Mark Wahlberg – 3,772 tons of CO2
9. Oprah Winfrey – 3,493 tons of carbon dioxide
10. Travis Scott – 3,033 tons of carbon dioxide

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Kylie Jenner was criticized recently when it was revealed that she had taken her private jet for a 12-minute flight. Journey takes about 40 minutes in the car. However, it turns out that she is not one of the most polluted celebrities. Her private jet “only” is 19th on the list.

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