March 25, 2023

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19-year-old Tiktok star Cooper Noriega has passed away

19-year-old Tiktok star Cooper Noriega has passed away

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Cooper Noriega, very popular on Tiktok with no less than 1.7 million followers, has passed away at the age of 19. This was reported by various American media.

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Cooper Noriega was found dead in a parking lot in Los Angeles on Thursday, according to US media. The cause of his death is not yet clear. According to People magazine, there will be no clarity on the cause of death after the autopsy. More investigations are now underway. “Once the examinations are over, the doctor will re-examine the case to come to a conclusion,” the coroner said.

It was the BFF podcast that first shared the news, and Noriega was still a guest on the podcast on June 1. Rip Cooper Noriega. Life is fragile. Enjoy every moment.”

Just before his death, Noriega shared another video on Tiktok with the caption: “Who thinks he will die young?” or “Who thinks he’s going to die young?” Four days before his death, he announced on social media that he had created an account on Discord to discuss mental health. “If you really want to talk about your feelings or something else, join them. I did it because I love you so much and am having such a tough time myself,” he said on social media at the time.

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