December 7, 2023

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20 years of love (football)!  Peter Vandenbett surprises co-commentator Eddie Snelders with cake and champagne |  Special

20 years of love (football)! Peter Vandenbett surprises co-commentator Eddie Snelders with cake and champagne | Special

Exactly 20 years ago, Peter Vandenbemt and Eddie Snelders first commented on football on Radio 1. To celebrate, Vandenbemt went to his friend and colleague with a beautiful cake. We went along.

Saturday 10 November 2001 was an unforgettable day for Belgian football. That evening, the Red Devils won at home against the Czech Republic, a crucial jumping match for the World Cup in Japan and South Korea. The score was 1-0, the alternate top scorer: Geert Verhein.

Something wonderful happened in the stands of the King Baudouin Stadium. Peter Vandenbempt provided radio commentary for the first time with Eddy Snelders.

Snelders stopped playing football a few years ago and also worked for a brief period as an assistant coach for the Red Devils. But it soon turned out that the jacket of the co-commentator fit him perfectly.

pink glasses

Peter Vandenbempt didn’t want to let this Christmas go that way and secretly worked out a little surprise. He went to brushes with cake, champagne, and cardboard to honor his colleague and friend.

“Too lovely to eat,” Eddie Snelders responds to the lovely cake with a photo of the duo. However, the pieces were finely – well – divided.

When things go wrong, I wear Eddy’s rose-colored glasses.

Peter Vandenpet

Snelders tells us he hopes to add a few more years. Vandenbempt reacts succinctly in true football language: “We have to be professional and we’ll look at it year after year. Eddie of course won’t get any younger. Hopefully in 5 years we can celebrate a silver jubilee.”

When Peter Vandenbett was asked about his highlights with Snelders, he immediately thought of returning to the 2002 World Cup Belgium-Brazil match. Although that followed a few less years later.

Vandenbempt: “When things went wrong, I once put on Eddie’s pink glasses. All to deal with bad football. That was funny.”

On Saturday, the two men will comment on the Belgium-Estonia match. Let’s hope the Red Devils can qualify once again for a major tournament.

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