November 27, 2022

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2022 European Cyclocross Championships in Namur: men’s competition preview

The Men’s European Cyclocross Championships in Namur promises to be an exciting battle. Lars van der Haar and Eli Iserbyt are the big favorites, but there are a number of dangerous riders who could come close to the European title. Who will succeed Van der Haar? cycling flash Looking forward.


As you can read in the preview of the European Women’s Championship, the riders could already compete for the European title in 2003. The promises of men and juniors were already able to make this happen at that time, and the European Championship for the elite class did not come until many years later. In 2015, the Dutch Huijbergen’s Lars van der Haar crowned himself as the first European champion among the elite men. Wut van Aert, who has never won a European Championship title with the pros, and Kevin Bowles were allowed to take the podium.

Nice title for Van der Haar, although the pros saw the European Championship primarily as an unnecessary competition day in an already crowded calendar. But over the years, the value of the championship has increased. Toon Aerts tested it after winning the title at Pontchâteau in France in 2016. Aerts walked away from the candidates in a good moment, as everyone seriously looked at each other. For the youth of Aerez, it was a wonderful victory.

The joy was immense at Aerts in Pontchâteau in France – Photo: Cor Vos

“A victory had a direct impact on my career,” said Ayertz. “More organizers wanted me to start and I was able to raise more seed money. This star jersey brought recognition and recognition, and my place in the cyclocross peloton grew faster than expected.”

After Aertes’ victory, Mathieu van der Poel returned to his homeland with the European title three years in a row. The 2020 European Championships in Silville, Italy is a tournament that is still well preserved in our memory. Van der Poel, in his rainbow jersey, had to deal with a large group of Belgians. Only in the final round can MVDP Far from his competitors, although Eli Eserbet was always on hand. In the end, the Belgian was only three seconds behind Van der Paul.

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The Dutchman is the record holder thanks to his three European titles. If van der Haar wins the European Championship in Namur, he will sit next to his compatriot.

The latest winners of the European Cyclocross Championship
2021: flag nlLars van der Haar
2020: science isElie Esserbit
2019: flag nlMatthew van der Pol
2018: flag nlMatthew van der Pol
2017: flag nlMatthew van der Pol
2016: science isView Aerts
2015: flag nlLars van der Haar

last year

Men’s results – European Cyclocross Championship flag nl VAM . mountain
1. flag nlLars van der Haar at 1h 44s
2. science isQuentin Hermans in 25 seconds
3. science isMichael Vanthourenhout in the 54s
4. science isTon Airs at 1m34s
5. science isLaurens Swik at 1m52s
Match Report

Pass Buildings

Citadelcross Namur has been a classic on the cyclocross calendar for years. Now that the European Championships have also come to Namur, the organization has adapted a number of things to the cycle. “The course is dedicated to a large portion of past World Cup intersections,” said course designer Ervin Verviken via a press release from Belgium.

However, the cross has become more spicier. “At the top of the castle is a new bridge and an additional loop with a difficult climb. Just before the end, the slope that was also on the track about six years ago returns. If the decision has not been made before, it surely still exists,” Verviken said. .

A separate track was also selected for the European Championships. The riders will start their championship on the cobblestones, after which they will head straight to the challenging climb. In other words, the heartbeat will do instantly the sky is high to be.

Another key point in heavy trading is, of course, the unforgettable bevel. Last year, something also changed on the World Cup Tour. “The charm of this bevel has disappeared in recent years,” Verviken said. cycling flash. “We have now moved the track in such a way that the poles have just been hammered into the road, so that riders have to ride two to three metres. The bar is now usually more slippery, smoother and more technical. Glasses are guaranteed.”

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Program and information

a program
Saturday 5 November:
11 a.m.: Women Juniors U19
13.15: men under 23 years old under 23 years old
3 pm: Women Elite

Sunday 6 November:
11 a.m.: Men Juniors U19
1.15pm: Women under 23 and under 23
3 p.m.: Elite Men

Mervilius Road, Namur (Namur Castle)

general information
The cost of a combined ticket for Saturday and Sunday is 25 euros in advance and 30 euros at the same box office. For a day pass, you pay €12 (pre-sale) or €15 (same day) on Saturday. On Sunday, tickets are a little more expensive and you will pay 18 euros or 20 euros. You can get tickets over here to buy. Children under 12 years old can enter for free.

Practical information
Site organization
List of male participants


Unlike the European Women’s Championships, there is no real favorite among the men. After the first crosses, Eli Eserbet was looked down upon mainly, but Lars van der Haar He definitely got over it. The Dutchman is also defending his European title, which he won impressively last year on Mount VAM. Van der Haar also made an impression on Koppenberg by finishing off the occasional cool, despite being on a West Flemish sandwich. Peak is also something van der Haar is good at.

So the biggest competitor to Van der Haar is Elie Esserbit. The rider who rides with Bowles Susan-Pingual has already won five crosses this season, and is thus the European crosses winner. However, at the last intersections, it was less dominant. On the other hand, Isrbet, among other things, due to his great progress in the World Cup, was able to focus his arrows on the European Championship before. In other words, a fight between van der Haar and Iserbet is certainly a possible scenario.

In Koppenberg we saw a nice fight between Van der Haar (right) and Iserbet – Photo: Cor Vos

After the two periods, we look at them Quentin Hermans. The second man at Liège-Bastogne-Liège finds a path in Namur to suit all the climbs. And the climb back eventually is in his favour. Michael Fanthornhout You already know what it means to win in Namur. Last year, he beat Tom Bidcock, who later became the world champion. At Koppenberg, a difficult track as well, Fanthornhout was still very close to victory.

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If we look purely at the figure, Lauren Swick many stars. The Belgian rider from Antwerp claimed his first World Cup victory last season, but he is not the best climber in the group. Sweck is once again a rider who can outdo himself in a championship, just think of the Belgian championship in 2020. After those five big names, we come to the list of strangers.

Hermann was already close to the European title last year – Photo: Cor Vos

Holland has two strangers with Ryan Camp And the George Neuenhuis. Belgium has with Watching VandebushAnd the Nils VandeputAnd the Dan Sweety And the Jens Adams Also a number of strong candidates for the top 10. Adams was still a good fourth over Koppenberg.

Finally, we mention Michael Burrows (Czech Republic), Felipe Orts Laureate (Spain), Joshua DubauAnd the David Minot (France), Kevin Kon And the Timon Rouge (Switzerland). These riders could be surprised to be included in the top ten list.

Favorites according to WielerFlits
*** Lars van der Haar
** Elie Esserbet, Quentin Hermans
* Michael Fanthornhout, Lawrence Swick, Jens Adams

List of male participants

Weather and TV

It will not be a warm day in Namur on Sunday. The men will complete their European Championships in temperatures between 9 and 10 degrees Celsius. Weather Online It also predicts rain throughout the day, which certainly wouldn’t make crossing in Namur any less difficult. Furthermore, there will also be strong winds from the south with a force of 4 Beaufort.

The European Championship can be watched in Namur on Sunday from 1.05 pm at Eurosport Playr and GCN +. sporzaon me a It works about an hour later at 2.30pm. also on Eurosport 1 You can watch the European Men’s Elite Championship from 3 pm.