July 16, 2024

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2N: Comprehensive access control solutions for all types of residential projects

2N: Comprehensive access control solutions for all types of residential projects


the The latest IP access technologies It can increase the value of residential projects by offering tenants additional benefits in terms of security and comfort.

Importantly, access control solutions also provide flexibility. 2N, a supplier of access control solutions, knows this. For example, when a 2N touch screen or modular intercom system is installed at the entrance doors of an apartment complex, it can be precisely tailored to suit the needs of the project.

Furthermore, there is flexibility regarding credentials. Some residents prefer smartphone access, with the added option to turn the smartphone into an answering unit as well, allowing them to make video calls with visitors even when they are away from home. Others are more traditional and prefer access cards. In short, there is no need to make any concessions. Bluetooth, multi-frequency RFID, keypads and fingerprint readers can be integrated into one device, so tenants can decide for themselves which they prefer.

Another major advantage of IP access controllers is their ease of integration into complex, comprehensive security systems. The primary purpose of integrated solutions is often to upgrade facility security. For example, an intercom can be integrated with a VMS or alarm system, or the intercom’s high-resolution camera can be set to send an image of unwanted visitors to the facility manager.

In addition, many project developers also realize that access control is not only important at the main entrance. Strong internal communication is also important in underground garages and in common areas.

The same degree of flexibility can also be offered to residents of each apartment. 2N answering units can be equipped with different options – audio only, with a display, with a touch screen, or with the Android operating system. Users can then also choose what they prefer.

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The benefits of IP technology are not just for residents. Free and secure, a cloud service like My2N allows integrators and facility managers to access equipment wherever they are. Four out of five customer inquiries can be handled remotely, reducing the need to travel to the building and saving time and money.

Whatever the specifics of your project and whatever challenges you need to solve, you’ll find the answer in 2N’s comprehensive range of access control solutions.