December 1, 2022

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3 great movies are now on Netflix

3 great movies are now on Netflix

Netflix has hundreds of movies in its catalog. Sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees. We’ve trimmed the catalog and today we’ve listed three powerful and interesting movies – which are simply on Netflix – for you.

Spider-Man: There is no room for home (2021)

direction: John Watts | spit: Tom HollandAnd the Benedict CumberbatchAnd the Alfred MolinaEssam | Watch live

Peter Parker struggles with life now that everyone knows he’s Spider-Man. He asks Doctor Strange to make the whole world forget about it. However, the required spell fails, accidentally opening the doors of the multiverse. Villains are invading from all over the universe and they want revenge on Spider-Man. The hero hopes to catch them and bring them back.deep effect (1998)

direction: Meme Skins | spit: Robert DuvalAnd the Leonic teaAnd the Elijah woodEssam | Watch live

14-year-old Leo accidentally discovers a new comet that appears to be on its way to destroying Earth. Thanks to an aspiring journalist, this story was published. But then the panic began. In a desperate attempt to save the planet, President Beck has appointed veteran astronaut Tanner to lead a space mission to destroy a massive comet.

yesterday (2019)

direction: Danny Boylia | Himesh PatelAnd the Lily JamesAnd the Ed SheeranEssam | Watch live

Jack, a struggling musician, realizes after a mysterious blackout that he’s the only person on earth who can remember the Beatles. So he sees his chance. With their full works he can conquer the world. Everything is going well for him, until Jack begins to doubt his approach. In the end, he threatens to lose everything he loves.

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