November 27, 2022

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3 belangrijke ontwikkelingen voor crypto deze week

3 Major Cryptocurrency Developments This Week » Crypto Insiders

Something always happens inside cryptography that can have an effect, among other things, on Bitcoin (BTC) price† So it’s smart to prepare yourself well for what’s to come. That’s why this article features four developments that could potentially have an impact on prices this week!

1. US inflation numbers good for bitcoin?

ten first Reports FTX access to it Tomorrow at 8:30 ESTIt is 14:30 Dutch American time Consumer Price Index (CPI) announced. The Consumer Price Index is a representation of a basket of consumer goods, and is viewed as a tool for measuring inflation. Since the inflation rate is expected to rise again, it is expected to be 8.4%, and this may have negative effects on the stock markets.

Bitcoin It is closely related to traditional origins for a while now. Thus, the price drop there could radiate into Bitcoin and also push the BTC price even further down. The Fed Vice Chair will also speak at 6:10 pm, which could also have an impact on rates.

2. First Quarter Earnings Announcement

then on WednesdayIt started profits season for the first quarter. Companies will report their first-quarter results, starting with banking giant JP Morgen on Wednesday. The war in Ukraine is expected to have a negative impact on performance in the first part of this year. As mentioned, given the relationship between Bitcoin and the traditional markets, this could have a negative impact on the cryptocurrency markets.

3. More Clarity About Ethereum Integration

Friday, ETH Dave call handle. During the day Ethereum (ETH) The 136th Core Developers Meeting is likely to get clearer about what’s hot MergeMerging is merging the old blockchain with the new Proof of Stake (PoS) blockchain. An exciting event as this is the next big step for Ethereum. And of course we will keep a close eye on this and we will monitor that closely Ethereum news Share as soon as possible.

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