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4 Simple Tips To Keep Your Android System More Secure

4 Simple Tips To Keep Your Android System More Secure

It is important to keep your Android smartphone and your data safe. You can actually take an important step in this by following the tips in this article. In this article, we will discuss four simple tips to help you keep your Android smartphone and data safe.

Malware and Viruses

Nobody wants malware and/or viruses on their phone. Also, no one is waiting for their phones to be hacked or for malicious parties to steal your data. To avoid this, there are some simple tips that everyone should follow. here they are:

1. Only install apps from Google Play Store

You can download applications on your Android smartphone. This includes installing apps on your Android smartphone from a source other than the Google Play Store, also known as APKs. You are already installing the APK file of an app. An APK file is a file in which the application code is written. You can then manually transfer the APK file to your smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device. However, these APK files may contain malicious code or other elements. It is often not easy to notice. They often run in the background of your device and are therefore difficult to detect. In general, you have to be very careful about which apps you want to sideload on your smartphone.

However, you can also choose not to do this and download apps “only” from the Google Play Store. With these apps, you can make sure that the apps are checked and scanned regularly. last year I got to Google For example, more than a million malicious apps from the Play Store.

We have already written about malware before. Through the links below, you will find more news and tips on preventing malware and viruses.

2. Update this phone

Google, the manufacturer of the Android operating system, regularly releases security updates. On paper, these can be very important. They ensure that any security holes are closed. However, in practice, you often see vulnerabilities and security risks come from social practices. Think about people pretending to be friends and/or acquaintances and based on this trying to extort money or information from you. This is why it is especially important to pay attention and be alert. This is why the advice below is important, too.

However, as long as your phone is still receiving updates, there is no harm in installing them, of course. However, this does not necessarily mean that you should replace your phone immediately if it is no longer receiving updates. Below you will find an article with the extension Update policy for all Android smartphone manufacturers.

3. Do not click on this link

You may remember this ad from “the old days”: “Hang up, click away, call your bank!”. Around 2013, we were probably all a little tired of the yellow-jacketed “safe banking coach,” but what he said wasn’t unimportant. Phishing has been and continues to be on the rise. With phishing, a form of online crime, malicious parties try to get hold of your banking details through fake emails, messages or phone calls.

So if you receive a text message, WhatsApp or any other type of message that contains a link pointing to a bank or you receive a payment request asking for your payment details, delete it immediately. and online crime fighter Mark Van Safe banking in the Netherlands But as a quote: “When in doubt, call your bank.”

4 Simple Tips To Keep Your Android System More Secure

4. Avoid public Wi-Fi connections

Finally, we give you a tip to not only use public WiFi connections. Since they are public, and often poorly secured, it is easy for malicious parties to gain access to your device and thus steal sensitive information. Now, of course, we understand that everyone sometimes uses free WiFi, for example, in hotels, restaurants or on the train – although the latter still works very slowly -. However, you should be aware that these connections are almost not secured at all.

So it is better to use a mobile hotspot or VPN service instead. With the latter, make sure that you can browse without using your IP address. If you still want to use public Wi-Fi “normally”, we advise against doing online banking or other things with which you share your personal data. In addition, delete the cookies you used during the public Wi-Fi session.

Do you have any tips or ideas?

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4 Simple Tips To Keep Your Android System More Secure

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