September 22, 2023

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5x news from the Belgian fashion brewery

5x news from the Belgian fashion brewery

Lots of news from the Fashion Brewery headquarters. The organization carries brands in the Netherlands and Belgium in their showrooms Noire, The Closet and Eye On Fashion (Antwerp) and Mote’l (Amsterdam) and organizes several events, including Antwerp Fashion Week (AFW). Version 3 of AFW goes Starting August 8 and 9. Owner Dieter Dekoninck enthusiastically tells what is happening inside the agency. What new brands will join and what new groups will make the difference?

Noir Gallery

With less than a year in business, the brand new Oval Square is entering the Belgian and Dutch fashion market. From July to August, the second collection is presented at Showroom Noire and Mote’l. According to Verheecke, the label is progressive and sparkling and falls somewhere between Ganni and Baum und Pferdgarten. Under the motto of Breaking the Rules – Not the Traditions, Oval Square strives to strike a balance between strong classics and contemporary fashion. The first collection can be found in stores from August, and for the lounge in Belgium a collaboration has been created with the high-end festival We Can Dance. VIP staff will wear the brand’s festival look. What the two have in common: eclecticism. The Autumn Collection at Oval Square is a sophisticated blend of aesthetic expressions that perfectly reflects the festival’s futuristic vision.

Image: an oval square

ALOHAS, the famous sandal brand from Barcelona, ​​is joining the showroom (excluding Belgium and Luxembourg) and will also bring a bag collection in the new season. According to Dekoninck, it’s a perfect match: “The elegance of the collection is very much in line with the other brands and clients in the showroom. Of the 15 Belgian clients already at ALOHAS, 13 are also in the Noire showroom. That says something.” It’s also an interesting extension of the Fashion Brewery group: there are currently no shoe brands in showrooms.

for more information:
Contact Patricia Verheecke
+32497 42 65 57
[email protected]


The Closet is increasingly positioning itself as a supplier of sustainable fashion brands to the Belgian market. Covered brands, including ArmedAngels, Thinking Mu, and Brava, make a strong package for the middle market with a focus on people and the planet. Les Deux and Minimum continue to grow especially in the men’s category.

Australian jeans brand Abrand has been in stores for the first time since June, sold in both the Netherlands (via Mote’l Amsterdam) and Belgium. With headquarters in Stockholm and Melbourne, the label has a no-nonsense Scandinavian touch. Fun, youth, collaboration and high quality are the brand’s core values ​​already worn by stars such as Dua Lipa, Beyoncé and Margot Robbie. According to Schaffrath, the brand is already very popular with retailers, while it is quite new to the market (a few weeks). “It is picked up instantly from a number of stores and without any media campaign. There is something that excites the end consumer and it is very interesting.” www. . volunteers

for more information:
Nils Schaffrat
+32477 34 11 26
[email protected]

Photo: Abrand

Eye on Fashion

& Co Woman is a Dutch territory and has been on the Belgian market for a number of years. It is the fastest growing brand in terms of resale in Fashion Brewery’s brand stores and from now on it will have a wider place in the Belgian distribution. The all-around women’s brand specializes in travel quality – the right on-the-go apparel. “Matching pants and jackets in stretchy fabric sell very well, and you can toss these in your bag without ironing, because they don’t wrinkle. Your bag will look clean all day—a little tastier than it’s scrap by the end of the day,” says Deckx. Strength & Co Woman has a strong focus on “all (working) women”. The material fits well and the size range (XS to 3XL) is large. Brand Available to Order Soon: Fall 22 is currently on sale instead of Spring 23.

Amsterdam’s Freebird is also making a strong comeback after the Corona crisis. Contemporary dresses are very popular in the showroom. Freebird women are a bit rebellious, free and decisive. The collection specializes in dresses, but elegant, confident-looking blouses and suits are also part of the new collection.

for more information:
Vicki Dix
+32477 55 58 90
[email protected]

Photo: & Co Woman

Amsterdam Motel

Mote’l also offers the MEOTINE jacket brand. “A very specialized, upscale, compact brand of luxury fashion jackets,” Verhagen explains. “In this corner of the market, it’s hard to find a brand that goes beyond the basic range and goes into a more exclusive one.” The SS23 collection is a tribute to the urban girl who lives a casual life in the big city. They look luxurious and are comfortable on the bike in a classic jacket from MEOTINE.

In the Dutch market, Club L’Avenir offers an ode to Japan. The Gentle Love Summer 2023 collection focuses on the kimono through the lens of the past and present. “Kimons follow the color themes of the collection in hues like crisp white, raspberry, soft pink and jade. They are the real eye catchers. Some have finished in thousands of knots,” Verhagen explains. The collection also includes multiple wearable dresses and airy blouses. The response to this is very well done at Modevabrik, and the story behind the collection is also poignant.” The brand is also sold in the Belgian showroom Noire.

for more information:
Robbie Verhagen
+31 638 64 51 52
[email protected]

beer fashion

Since last January, Fashion Brewery has been handling the international distribution of Another-Label: a challenge Deceuninck faces personally. . A few months later, two new countries appeared on the board, Switzerland and Finland. It is an expansion of the sales market which so far has covered Germany and the Benelux countries. Good growth figures are expected between 30-50%.

Fashion Brewery Group leads the distribution of a long list of brands – providing 360-degree servicing for fashion and lifestyle brands. They are presented in the four galleries: Showroom Noire, The Closet and Eye On Fashion in Antwerp and Mote’l Amsterdam in Amsterdam. Would you like to learn more about the activities of Fashion Brewery and the full range of brands? For more information please contact:

Dieter Dekunin
+32475 58 60 96
[email protected]

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