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6 interesting master classes at the IEX Investor Day on Friday, June 28

6 interesting master classes at the IEX Investor Day on Friday, June 28

Buying tips, useful background information, and looking to the future… At IEX Investor Day on Friday, June 28, the best investment experts will be on hand to help you make better investment decisions. We highlight six interesting master classes. Don’t have tickets yet? Then order quickly, because the stock is full. click here And order from them today.

You probably already know that the top of the business community knows how to find an Investor Day at IEX. Nobody but CEOs Unilever, N.N. Group, Flow traders And TKH And chief economist at Rabobank They will appear on June 28. We were also able to attract the best investment experts. In the different knowledge sessions, they will inspire you, each based on their own experience, and provide you with useful and concrete buying tips and useful information. What can you expect?

1. Learn to invest like Warren Buffett

Is there an investment strategy that can help you beat the stock market? naturally. One of the world’s most successful investors, Warren Buffett, has been doing this for decades. navel? Value investing. Buffett selects shares of high-quality companies that, in his opinion, are unfairly undervalued in the stock market and holds them for a longer period of time.

In the knowledge session “Learn to invest like Warren Buffett” you will learn from Hendrik Ude Nijhuis (co-founder of the ValueMachines investment fund and Betterinbeleggen.nl) the most important aspects of the value investing philosophy and how you can apply this strategy in practice.

2. Outstanding investing on Wall Street

Anyone who wants to invest successfully cannot ignore Wall Street. The United States is the largest economy in the world, and the US stock market has the largest market capitalization in the world. In this masterclass, investor trainer Peter Six of Saxo Bank explores investment opportunities on the other side of the Atlantic and also considers the risks associated with investing in the US.

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Six will explain two strategies for the United States of America:

  • A combination of stocks and options that also provides a positive return in a slightly lower sideways market.
  • A strategy that protects your portfolio while purchasing at a much lower level.

3. Investing in commodities

Prices of many raw materials have risen sharply in the past 15 months, supported by inflation, geopolitical developments and the energy transition. There is even speculation that we are on the cusp of a commodity super cycle. Professional investors such as hedge funds, institutional investors, and specialty investment funds are allocating more and more capital to commodity markets. Investing in raw materials may be interesting for you, as a private investor, to benefit from rising prices and from a diversification perspective.

Martin Rosmüller, CEO of VanEck Europe, explains how you can gain exposure to this interesting asset class using ETFs and highlights the opportunities and risks.

4. How does your stock team become champion?

Anyone who follows the sessions of Hans Oudshoorn (investor coach at SaxoAcademy) knows that he invests like a football coach. In the master lesson “How does your stock team become the champion?” Strong defenders (bonds), attacking midfielders and hanging forwards are essential. For example, Oudshoorn discusses the advantages and disadvantages throttle He manages to work with some smart and financially attractive option structures that he also likes to use.

Using existing examples – including some TA schemes – you will learn how you can reduce the risks of investments (stocks), increase return opportunities and easily distribute them across various investment products.

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5. Turbo: The success formula for building accelerated capital

Are you, as an experienced investor, looking for an investment strategy that can help you build capital at an accelerated pace? Then Turbo should not be missing from your wallet. In this workshop you will learn how to use this tool optimally. Then you will know what the process, benefits and risks of turbo investing are and you will have an insight into different investment strategies. Of course you will receive all kinds of tips and tricks.

The session will be presented on behalf of BNP Paribas by Turbo, investment expert Jean-Paul van Oudeusden (Markets Everywhere) and technical analyst Nico Bakker (from BTAC, a subsidiary of BNP Paribas).

6. Investing in artificial intelligence and chip technology

Artificial intelligence (AI) is developing at a rapid pace and will radically change the way we live and work. This provides a lot of investment opportunities that you can take advantage of. But as with any new technology, there are also losers. So it’s important to find the best stocks. The chip industry is also of great interest to professional and private investors. The demand for high-quality chips is increasing dramatically, due to the advancement of artificial intelligence and the growing demand for chips for consumer electronics, automotive, industrial, and gaming.

In this knowledge session, Jos Versteeg, analyst at InsingerGilissen Bankiers, explores the possibilities, opportunities and risks of investing in artificial intelligence and chip technology.

IEX Investor Day: A day full of information, inspiration and investment tips

Would you like to increase your investing knowledge and get useful tips that you can benefit from immediately? Then come to IEX Investor Day on Friday, June 28. This takes place at the Spant Theater in Possum.

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In a diverse programme, you will hear directly from several Dutch stock exchange fund executives about their plans and receive valuable advice and background information from our country’s best investment experts. The presentation is in the hands of the journalist Gort Kelder.

We have a very impressive lineup. In addition to the above professionals, we also welcome:

  • Hein Schumacher, CEO of Unilever
  • Mike Quinnell, CEO of FlowTraders
  • David Knipe, CEO of NN Group
  • Alexander van der Loew, CEO of TKH
  • Esther Barendregt, Chief Economist at Rabobank
  • Hildo Lahmann, Head of Investors Office at IEX
  • Wouter Slott, Senior Analyst at Tostrams Group at IEX
  • Peter Paul de Vries, Major Shareholder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Value8

Would you like a place at IEX Investor Day 2024? Then book your tickets in advance via the link below. Don’t wait too long, as Spant’s capacity is limited and all previous releases are sold out in advance. Moreover, quick decision makers benefit from an attractive early booking discount! click here And order your tickets quickly!

Want to learn more about IEX Investor Day? View the site now. You will find the program here.

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