December 8, 2022

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6 Simple Weight Loss Tricks (According to Science) -

6 Simple Weight Loss Tricks (According to Science) –

Losing weight is hard enough. So it’s best to make it a little easier on yourself by using the tricks below. They all depend on research.

  1. Take small plates
    You tend to fill a plate, whether it is a small or large plate. If you eat a small plate, you will almost automatically eat less.
  2. Hang a mirror next to the dining table
    Those who see themselves eating junk food enjoy it less. If you see a plate full of vegetables in the mirror, then you eat it with more pleasure.
  3. clean the kitchen
    If the kitchen is a mess, you’ll be eating an extra 100 calories a day, according to research. In clean and tidy kitchens, people are more likely to opt for carrots or any other healthy snack.
  4. Dim the lights
    Surprisingly, with a simple mood light on, people enjoyed their food more, ate more slowly and consumed up to 18 percent fewer calories.
  5. mint scent
    Another strange study: people who smell mint every two hours are more focused and less hungry. They consumed – at least in the study – 2,800 fewer calories per week.
  6. Choose a blue board
    The idea is to contrast the colors that make you eat less. So choose white pasta with red sauce, not white sauce. According to scientists, a plate with a blue border is preferable. So you may appreciate more than they are and therefore eat less.
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