May 29, 2023

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7 people died in three shooting incidents in the US

7 people died in three shooting incidents in the US

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Seven people have been killed in three shootings in the United States in the past few hours. A gunman killed three people in Detroit on Sunday, three died in Houston and a Dutchman was wounded in a third shooting in Indianapolis.

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Detroit shooting suspect arrested Police Chief James White told reporters that the gunman’s first three victims, two women and a man, were shot in separate locations Sunday morning. A fourth person was also shot. Three people are dead, the fourth escaped the shooting. Police Chief White said the shots appeared to be fired “very randomly.” Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan announced the gunman’s arrest late Sunday.

On Sunday, authorities in Houston, Texas, said a man shot and killed three people after setting fire to their homes. “Unfortunately, the suspect set several houses on fire, waited for the residents to leave their homes before shooting them,” Chief Constable Troy Finner told a news conference. Firefighters are also engaged in security operations. Eventually the police intervened and shot the man dead.

In Indianapolis, finally, a Dutchman was injured and died of his injuries Sunday through Monday night. This was reported by the Netherlands Ministry of Defense. Three players were injured, but the other two were conscious and accessible.

The soldiers belong to the commando force. Commando troops are engaged in training in the state of Indiana. The shooting took place during the night of Friday to Saturday (local time) in front of the hotel where the Dutch commandos were staying, during the army’s leisure time.

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