March 23, 2023

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A bald eagle flies among the passengers

A bald eagle flies among the passengers

Passengers of a Southwest Airlines flight were shocked when they saw a bald eagle “checking in”. Soon the pilot reassured everyone. “The animal was on a business trip…”

Usually, animals must be placed in a special cage in the aircraft ward. Unless you are a small pet. But you can hardly say that about the sea eagle.

At that time, the animal was exceptionally able to get along with its companions. Because it just is.

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Clark Eagle, from the World Bird Sanctuary in Missouri, traveled to Charlotte to give a lecture at High Point University. The animal was on a business trip, according to supervisors. Clark, who has been hatching in the reserve for about 20 years as part of a breeding program, could not have been released into the wild like his brothers, according to the organization, to become a “flying ambassador” on special occasions. Since then he has been traveling around the country and it is clear that he enjoys the attention.

The Transportation Security Administration posted photos on social media of Clark staring at the camera and showing his wings at the airport checkpoint.

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