February 6, 2023

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A 'Blind Married' candidate has been identified on photos of riots during the Biershot Union

A ‘Blind Married’ candidate has been identified on photos of riots during the Biershot Union

The football match between Berchot and Union was suspended on Sunday after riots among fans. Photos of the riots show a familiar face: Lothar Calarts, 28, was seen in 2020 blind married

Pictures circulating on social media show Lothar walking into the stadium and being the first Berchut fan to go to the home team’s box. Puursenaar deals a few blows there, before the hosts intervene. In turmoil, he also cast an elderly flight attendant.

Lothar himself asserts that he was present at the match, but does not want to say anything else about the event. Keep it for a short reply. “I noticed everything was blown up. I don’t feel like feeding this anymore, and I’d rather let this pass.”

The Southern Police District (Anderlecht, Forest, St Gillies) announced that no supporters of Berchot had been arrested during the riots. “Our priority was to prevent major riots between the two fan centers in order to ensure the safety of the stadium. Especially because there were children too,” said police spokeswoman Sarah Fredericks of the Southern Police District. “Just because there were no arrests at the moment does not mean that there are impunity. For example, actions can still be taken and measures can be taken on the basis of visual materials.”

He married Lothar in the fifth season of blind married On VTM with Tatiana, but there was no love question. Callaerts announced at the beginning of 2021 that he was engaged to his new girlfriend, but after six months this fairy tale also ended.





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