March 28, 2023

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A body was found after a heavy fire in Arnhem | internal

A body was found late Tuesday evening in a burnt-out barn behind a similarly burnt building on De Wiltstraat in the Arnhem district of Sint Marten.

The police check the identity of the person. Technical investigation and criminal investigation were present. Screens have also been installed in front of the houses.

Raging on De Wiltstraat Heavy fire on Tuesday. The barn behind one of the buildings, on which the living quarters were built, also caught fire. The fire brigade turned out collectively to put out the fire.

A woman lived in the barn

The occupant of the building on De Wiltstraat sustained minor injuries and was taken to hospital. A woman lived in the space above the barn on his property. It was not clear if she was present during the fire.

The fire destroyed two homes as well as the barn and living space above. Seventy local residents had to leave their homes. Residents of seven buildings were unable to return to their homes on Tuesday evening.

Residents de Willstraat The Arnhem municipality has been warning for months of a “city fire”.. Due to legal procedures, the municipality was unable to intervene immediately, said the mayor, Ahmed Margoush.

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