December 6, 2022

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A British study calls for "stop buying clay" |  the animals

A British study calls for “stop buying clay” | the animals

Pugs lack many of the basic features of the average dog. They suffer for life. That’s according to a new British study of more than 16,000 pugs.

British Professor Dan O’Neill, Senior Lecturer in Animal Epidemiology at the Royal Veterinary College, conducted a study of more than 16,000 pugs in the UK. That study found the breed had a 50 times greater risk of serious health problems and shorter lives. In 23 of 40 common health problems in dogs, dogs are at increased risk.

“We have compiled a list of the major bodily functions of dogs,” O’Neill told Britain’s The Telegraph. For example, dogs must be able to blink. “It sounds basic, but many Pugs can’t. The dog must also be able to sit and sleep without constantly snoring or panting, and have their skin not cracked. Pugs simply do not have the basic functions expected of a dog,” continues the professor. “Their health needs are much greater than that of other dogs and the extreme breeding means these problems are only going to increase.”

A French study previously found that the French Bulldog has the shortest life expectancy, just four and a half years. Trace a pug with a maximum age of eight years. Jack Russell dogs live the longest, averaging around 13 years. The professor calls people to work. “Only buy breeds that have healthy, natural, innate traits, but don’t contain clay.”