July 24, 2024

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a call.  Has your employer subtly pushed you toward dismissal?  |  Nina

a call. Has your employer subtly pushed you toward dismissal? | Nina

Perhaps your boss assigned you unpleasant tasks, or perhaps he was burdening you with an inhuman amount of work. So I decided to give up. When you were fired, did you feel like you were being bullied on the outside for weeks or months? Then we want to hear your story.

A new term has been circulating on social media for quite some time now: Quit smoking quietly. This means that as an employee you have decided not to do more than the necessities at work, often in response to excessive work pressure.

But at the same time, employees also began to share testimonies about an entirely different phenomenon: “Slow fire”. Then your company or your boss will eventually make you feel so bad at work that you quit. You no longer get a bonus, and suddenly you get another package of tasks that you don’t like or you no longer have new opportunities. Or it happens in more subtle ways: your boss ignores you, treats you increasingly harsh, or constantly criticizes you. You feel like they don’t want you in the company anymore, but they don’t explicitly fire you.

Have you ever fallen victim to “slow fire” Do you want to share your story (anonymously) with us? Send an email with your story to [email protected] And the Also add your mobile phone number. We don’t do anything with your story without consulting with you.