February 1, 2023

Taylor Daily Press

Complete News World

A computer outage in the pilot information system grounded all flights in the US for several hours, and the flight ban was later lifted

US airspace was completely closed for several hours this afternoon Belgium time. All domestic flights, international flights and inbound international flights have been suspended. Computer malfunctions are the cause, particularly in the information system known as Notices to Air Mission Systems (NOTAMs), the system that informs pilots of any problems during flight.

NOTAMs provide information such as weather forecasts, active taxiways or airspace closures due to a space launch, presidential flight, or volcanic eruption. At all stages of their training, pilots are trained to rely on NOTAMs data. That system went down earlier today.

As this system was necessary and mandatory, all flights were temporarily grounded for safety reasons. The FAA also announced an emergency number. After a few hours, the system restarted. The flight ban was lifted at 3pm Belgian time. Since then, flights are allowed to take off and land at US airports (trips and drops).

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