July 24, 2024

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A disappointing end for Anderlecht: “We must not forget that”

A disappointing end for Anderlecht: “We must not forget that”

Anderlecht ended its season disappointingly, because after a home defeat against Club Brugge, it also lost to Antwerp in its last match. As a result, the Purple and White team ultimately have to settle for third place in the final result, meaning they miss out on the Champions League.

Anderlecht will enter the Europa League next season, although it is not yet clear exactly when they will enter. In principle, they have to compete in the play-offs, unless Borussia Dortmund wins the Champions League next week. Then they can immediately move to the league stage.

Anderlecht could be satisfied with the season

Although this is currently a side issue for RSCA after the agonizing manner in which they gave up an ideal starting position to become champions in the last two matches. However, Jari Verschauren does not want to focus too much on this matter.

He said: “It’s unfortunate, because we wanted to end the season in a nice way. But we shouldn’t forget where we came from. Last season we were in 11th place.” Eleven/Dazen. “So we can be satisfied with our season.”

Verschaeren has had a tough year

It is therefore important for Anderlecht to continue making progress. This also applies to Verschaeren. The 22-year-old finished with one goal and five assists in 21 games this season. He’s not entirely satisfied with that.

“With my serious injury and then a minor injury in qualifying, it was a tough year,” he says. “But that’s part of football. I have to keep working hard.”

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