February 1, 2023

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A double shot from Mario Gonzalez sends OH Löfven past Westerlo | Jupiler Pro League 2022/2023

An important moment: Just like in the first half, OH Leuven came out of the locker rooms on fire, but after the break without a sharp opponent. Within five minutes, the home team suddenly falls behind.

man of the match Mario Gonzalez hasn’t always played good football against Westerlo, but he does what he gets paid to do. He well received Mendel’s cross, after Polat’s shot was well taken, and tested his goal well from the penalty spot.

Special: Leuven does not let Kempen get beaten up. Hamza Mendel had just served his suspension for a red card against Kortrijk, but would have to submit to another penalty. This time he went into Jordanov’s way hard on a loose ball.

Getting off to a good start to the game, OH Leuven moved ahead after just two minutes by swinging Tamari. The ball was deposited by Patrice in Hamza Mandil. The Moroccan was given time and space, but he shot over the bar.

The first quarter was intense, with a lot of fighting and intense pressure from both teams. Maxime de Cuyper managed to shoot from distance after ten minutes, but he volleyed into the center of the goal.

The two teams exhausted all their thoughts and returned to their starting positions. Westerlo with the ball, OH Leuven behind and hoping for good transfers. They hardly came. The home team wanted a penalty in the hand twice, but Smit and the VAR deemed it “too light”.

Ten minutes before the end of the first half, the game warmed up for a while. After Tamari received a (stupid) yellow card, the home team seemed to find a spark. Foster slid the ball towards Cojocaru, who scooped it up with ease. On the flip side, Thorstenson put Polat to work.

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Westerlo started the second half fifteen minutes late, according to his teachers. OH Leuven immediately showed himself fresh with several nice attacks.

The pressure continued, and Mendel found an empty space on the left. A sharp cross found the ‘corridor of uncertainty’, with forward Gonzalez footing at the end.

Leuven was looking forward to it and managed to double five minutes later. Kiyine, who was filling in for Keita, fired a shot that Polat had difficulty getting rid of. Gonzalez was a good follower and was knocked down by the keeper. From the point he had no doubts.

The long catch-up race was Westerlo’s message, which was ten minutes closer to 0-3 than the goal of connection. In the end it was the excellent Kemphan Jordanov who crossed to Foster from the right. Nene Dorgeles was nearby and left Cojocaru without a chance.

Mendel made the end even more spectacular with his second red card in three matches, so that the last 10 minutes of Leuven’s half were played entirely.

However, Westerlo could not cause more than a few reeling hearts and deep sighs with a menacing expression and left in vain. Leuven has moved up to fourth place and is one point behind Kemfanen.

Siebe Book (OHL): “I’m still a little limp, but that’s normal. Playing football again for eighty minutes after a long rehabilitation period he was turning into the red zone. In the first half we were very anxious as a team to find the spaces, even though they were there. After that. In The break we found those spaces and showed that Leuven can play football.”

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Dorgils Nene (Westerlo): “It’s a pity to lose like that, because we played a really good game. We knew it wasn’t going to be easy, that they were going to come out of the dressing rooms hard. It’s a pity we didn’t do that in the second half we were ready for. The play-offs remain our goal this season. “.

Mark Price (OH Leuven): “We played a very poor first half, despite a big chance two minutes later. The second half was much better, we started strong with good combinations, two goals, three four big chances. At the back we were reasonably stable, we missed two chances in the second half, but the kicks The corner is still dangerous for us, we don’t have that much level in the team.

Like any good family man, we are still proactively looking at the transfer market. There are definitely a few ways.”

Jonas De Royck (Westerlo): “I can’t blame my boys. Today we were penalized for a number of fouls. We knew OH Leuven was going to leave the ball to us and only one team wanted to play football today. We also made it difficult for them, only the last pass was unfortunate.” .

Once they appear, they can play their favorite game. I found it very annoying, how the game slowed down due to things that don’t concern football, and I wouldn’t ask my players to play like that. Everyone’s choice.