September 27, 2023

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A Dutch tourist was bitten in the penis by a cobra during a safari...

A Dutch tourist was bitten in the penis by a cobra during a safari…

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A safari through the savannah in South Africa has turned into a complete nightmare for the Dutch vacationer. The 47-year-old tourist was bitten in the penis by a venomous cobra during a health break. The man had to be operated on urgently and he was saved in time.

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The images in the medical report, which the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf was able to view, leave little to the imagination. The treating doctors say that the man was saved by emergency surgery. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have survived.

The man had to urinate during a safari and isolate himself from the rest of the group to hide in the bushes. Suddenly they heard loud cries of pain. Usually snakes bite the limbs, but this person had his teeth in the Dutchman’s penis. He immediately began to swell and change.

After the accident, the tourist had to wait at least three hours for a helicopter to take him to the nearest hospital, about 350 kilometers away. He was in severe pain and had to vomit several times.

The Dutchman suffered from scrotal necrosis, a fatal condition caused by bacteria infecting tissues. The condition known as “flesh-eating bacteria spreads rapidly” requires immediate treatment with antibiotics and anti-snake venom. If this is not done in time, the tissues of the body are threatened with death

The guy was lucky. The toxin can be neutralized and diseased tissue removed and replaced with tissue from the thigh through a surgical procedure.

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The “culprit” was a cobra, a highly venomous specimen found in southern Africa and parts of Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

The victim has since recovered.