February 5, 2023

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A fire in Felder’s asylum reduces the health room to ashes


On the grounds of the emergency shelter on the Fielder estate, a health building caught fire last night. The fire was discovered at around 11:00 and firefighters were immediately alerted. When he arrived, the tent was already on fire.

It is not yet known how the fire started. However, a spokesperson for the Boxtel municipality has already said that there does not appear to be any intent. This is evident from preliminary findings of the ongoing investigation into the cause. “The firefighters allowed the tent to burn in a controlled manner and made sure the fire did not spread to other buildings,” the spokesperson said. There were no casualties, but victim support was arranged for refugees who witnessed the fire.

The emergency shelter consists of about a hundred housing units surrounded by large tents for food, education and recreation. But there are also several tents on either side of the site where a total of 450 refugees can shower and bathe. The space that was now on fire was one of them. As a result, there were fewer bathrooms available, and so it was quickly decided on Saturday that a new sanitary building would be constructed.

Refugees are allowed to stay in Felder until at least 15 February. This week, housing supervisors made a written appeal to Boxtel politicians to keep the emergency reception site open longer. So far, the municipality has not responded to that call. According to the agreements made, the camp should disappear again next month due to the breeding season and the festivals that follow.

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