July 23, 2024

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A friend surprises the brand-new K3’tje Julia after the first performance: “Now …

A friend surprises the brand-new K3’tje Julia after the first performance: “Now …

A special day for Julia Bushman (19). On Saturday, she was on stage with Hanne and Marthe for the first time since her K3 debut a week ago. She’s been with her boyfriend for exactly three years, and he hasn’t forgotten about it.

Nineteen-year-old Julia Buschmann will usually experience the big fire baptism at K3 this weekend during “The Great Sinterklaas Show” by Studio 100 at Sportpaleis. But this party could not continue due to the strict measures of Corona. Not in a room for thousands of kids, anyway. The show β€” with Mega Mindy, Piet Piraat, and Samson, among others β€” has been taped for TV.

Among the few spectators at Sportpaleis were Julia’s friend, parents, brother and girlfriend. Julia knew nothing. “she (Hahn and Marth, nvdr.) He had to tell me then: Did you take a closer look at the room?Martha thought it was positive, as it meant that Julia was focused during her debut.

After the show, Julia headed to her family. Boyfriend Ben, 23, came up with a surprise: a bouquet of flowers. He then told us, “I’m proud of her anyway.” β€œIt was her first appearance with K3. We were together three years today.”

“We met when I was on stage – I played in the musical fat. She came and saw me standing on the platform. And she seems to like it. I got to know her then in the hall – I already knew her mother. Then we started talking and a few weeks later we hit her. “

The flowers elicited Julia’s response: “Now we can’t separate anymore.” Ben then replied to our newspaper, “I didn’t intend to, and I don’t think she did either.”

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Finally Julia: “Normally I’m not a sorcerer and charming. But yeah, we’ve been together for three years today, so that’s allowed.”

Wim Dehandschtter