February 2, 2023

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Hoe sluiten Ghana en Uruguay de laatste speeldag af in groep H?

A game full of drama: a new penalty kick in Ghana and Uruguay’s elimination with a hard win | World Cup 2022

  1. 34′ – Rodrigo Bentancur continues through Matias Vecino
  2. 32′ – Goal – Giorgian de Arascaita (0-2)
  3. 26′ – Goal – Giorgian de Arascaita (0-1)
  4. 21′ – Penalty missed – Andre Ayew
  5. 19′ – Yellow – Darwin Nunez
  1. 90 + 9′ – Yellow – Alidu Seidu
  2. 90 + 8 ‘- Followed by Mohamed Codes by Abdel-Fatwa Ishako
  3. 87′ – Yellow – Sebastian Coates
  4. 86′ – Yellow – Kamal Eddin Suleiman
  5. 80′ – continued Giorgian de Arascaita by Agustín Canobio
  6. 80′ – continues Darwin Nunez for Maximiliano Gomez
  7. 72′ – continued Salis Abdel-Samad for Daniel Kofi Kyrier
  8. 72′ – continued Inaki Williams by Antoine Cimeno
  9. 66′ – continued Facundo Pellestri for Nicolas de la Cruz
  10. 66′ – Luis Suarez is completed by Edinson Cavani
  11. 60′ – Yellow – Luis Suarez

Ghana and Uruguay were both eliminated from the World Cup. Ghana missed the opportunity to take an early lead from the penalty spot. Then Uruguay took control of the match, scoring two goals, but had to leave the tournament due to a lack of goals scored.

  1. Yellow card for Jose Maria Jimenez of Uruguay next, 18:05
  2. Yellow card for Edinson Cavani of Uruguay next at 6:04pm
  3. Second half, 101st minute. The end. The final whistle blows, what a pity for Uruguay! The South American team wins, but there is still one goal – to reach the 1/8 finals. The ticket goes to South Korea, which will reach the knockout stage with Portugal. The World Cup is also over for Ghana. .
  4. The second half, the 100th minute, the game is over

  5. Yellow card for Edu Seidu of Ghana during the second half, minute 99
  6. Second half, 98th minute.
  7. Second half, minute 98. Ghana substitution, Abdel Fattaw Isahako inside, Mohamed Kodos exit.
  8. Second half, 97th minute. Coates wide! Uruguay now keeps pumping. Cavani makes the ball low in front of goal, Coates going wide simultaneously. Now another match is over, South Korea won it 2-1, and thus will go to the 1/8 finals with the Portuguese. .
  9. Rochet has to work, too. Uruguay will now take a risk and give Ghana space. Sulemana bounces back, and Rochette keeps Uruguay’s hope alive with a fine tackle. . Second half, 96th minute.
  10. Ati-Zigi does it again! Ati Ziggy is the con man of Uruguay. Maxi Gomez takes a dangerous long shot, but the Ghanaian goalkeeper shoots back. . Second half, 95th minute.
  11. Second half, minute 94. Ati-Zigui saves Maxi Gomez’s shot.

    Ati Ziggy saves a shot from Maxi Gomez

  12. Second half, minute 93. Cavani demands a penalty. Cavani easily lays down in the penalty area after his duel with Seydou. All means are now good for Uruguay to move forward. .
  13. Second half, minute 92. 8 minutes of extra time. Uruguay still have some time to score that vital third goal. If they still score, then they, and not South Korea, will go to the 1/8 finals. .
  14. Second half, 90th minute. Despair in Uruguay. Despair can be read on the faces of the Uruguayan supporters and players on the Uruguayan bench. Suarez also looks on in despair. .
  15. Second half, minute 90. Good header from Cavani, excellent save by Ati Ziggy: “There was also a flag.”

    Good header from Cavani, excellent save by Ati Ziggy: “There was also a flag”

  16. Ati Ziggy blocks 0-3! A great header from Cavani, but Ati Tsegi’s save is also level. It wouldn’t have been a goal anyway, because Cavani was offside. . Second half, 89th minute.
  17. Second half, 88th minute. Yellow for Coates. Coates pulls the emergency brake on the broken Solimana. She turns it yellow. Ghana takes a free kick but it doesn’t result in anything. .
  18. Yellow card for Sebastian Coates of Uruguay during the second half, 87th minute
  19. Yellow card for Ghanaian player Kamal El Din Suleimana during the second half, minute 86
  20. Second half, 85th minute. Disaster strikes for Uruguay! Olalla, South Korea surprisingly went ahead against Portugal and this is particularly bad news for Uruguay. South Korea now jumps to second place. It now has 4 points and the same goal difference as Uruguay, but Uruguay has scored fewer goals. .
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