December 4, 2022

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A guy sticks a rope between his tank and a charging station: Nice try, but still fine.  How much will that cost you?  |  Sentences

A guy sticks a rope between his tank and a charging station: Nice try, but still fine. How much will that cost you? | Sentences

A Volvo driver in Middelburg, the Netherlands, thought he was clever by hanging a rope between the fuel filler flap and the charging station in an electric car parking lot. So it looked like his car was charging. City supervisors didn’t fall for it and left the guy with a hefty fine for his creative approach. This also turned out to be an expensive joke for us.

They can laugh about it, the Public Space Supervision and Implementation Team of the Dutch municipality of Middelburg. they The photo is posted on Instagram With the comment “Putting a piece of rope in your tank valve causes a bad charge” to go viral. Who will laugh in green is a Volvo driver with a petrol engine who has been fined €109 by them for parking in a place where a daily rate of €2.80 per 60 minutes applies.

You can also be fined if you park your car without charging in a parking space – indicated by a sign – that is designated for electric vehicle charging only. Also if you park there with an electric car that is not physically connected to the charging point. don’t tell us that: According to the Road Code (Article 70.2.1, 3 °, h), a parking lot for electric cars must be marked with the following traffic sign: a combination of traffic sign E9a ‘parking allowed’ and the plug symbol.

This group indicates that parking here is reserved for electric vehicles. © rv

Electric vehicles, both plug-in hybrids and 100% plug-in hybrids (which have a combustion engine and an electric motor), don’t have to pay a parking fee here, but they do have to pay an energy consumption fee when charging. Anyone who violates this article commits an offense of the first degree and risks a fine of 58 euros. From October 1, 2022, electric cars parked in a parking lot with a charging point must also be connected to this charging station. Violations will also be fined 58 euros.

Local rules in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, the local rules still apply: for those crossing the border, it is useful to know them. “The correct use is: when an electric vehicle is connected to the charging point by cable,” says the city of Vlissingen. At Goes, only charged electric cars are allowed to park at the charging station. “And supervisors can check what the fuel is via the license plate,” says a spokeswoman.

In Zierikzee, the enforcers work just as they do in Middelburg: They take no action if a parked car is neatly connected to a charging point by cable. But no cable means paying 100 euros. In Terneuzen they do the same: they impose a fine of 109 euros on those who park their non-electric car at a charging station or on those who have not connected their electric car with a cable. A spokeswoman said that car owners who already have a full battery and are still standing will receive a warning.

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