July 22, 2024

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A Little Bit of Incontinence, and Why It Pays to Pick the Tough Question: This Was ‘The Smartest Human’

A Little Bit of Incontinence, and Why It Pays to Pick the Tough Question: This Was ‘The Smartest Human’

Youth Language Vs. The old language, the tough question from the not-so-cute cute Mona and Gilly Clements who don’t know everything about… Jill Clemens. This Thursday was “the smartest person in the world”.

Thursday night winner:

Singer and actor Jill Clemens.


Former StuBru anchor and now podcast creator Lisa Smulders.

Monday newcomer:

Actress Emers joke.

Best quotes:

Bart: “I rehearsed the application, and one of the questions was: What do you know about Jill Clemens? ydeer: “I also had this question and didn’t know everything.” Bart: “How’s that? I knew everything!” jelly: “The fifth answer was ‘Cleymans and Van Geel,’ I didn’t think about that.”

Sven de Ligerwas asked about the “language of youth” in romantic hotel: “Each age group has its own terminology. I noticed in participants that they model their language according to the physical defects they suffer from. For example, it is clear that people who do not have a hold on if they have a file have Abad luck They have, they say: It happened. “

After a question about New Zealand, whose flight takes 26 hours, Eric asks who is ashamed of the trip. Bart: “I only travel once a year, I’ve made that promise to myself.” jelly: “Yes, it is. I haven’t traveled for three years now.”

Barbara: “I have a lot of problems with that too. I recently started flying solo.”

The most beautiful moment:

Lisa has a choice: an easy question from Nora Gharib or a difficult question from the nice Mona. Since Lisa gives the girl the question, she still gets the easy option as a reward: Teletubbies names. Good for 80 seconds. (evdg)

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1 Jonas Gernert (8 episodes)

2 Delphine Lecompte (4 episodes)

3 Jill Clemens (4 episodes)

4 Eva de Rogue (3 episodes)

5 Verhulst changed (2 episodes)