March 30, 2023

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A look at the Romelu Lukaku advertising machine: after Maserati and Versace, now also ... Crocs |  Special

A look at the Romelu Lukaku advertising machine: after Maserati and Versace, now also … Crocs | Special

It is equivalent to Times Square with the Red Devils. No Belgian footballer has shown his sponsors besides Romelu Lukaku. After advertising for premium brands like Maserati and Versace, the striker is now an ambassador for Crocs. are you smiling Justin Bieber and Kanye West preceded him.

Do you remember Romelu Lukaku’s first goal exactly? Or pictures of his first raid? Maybe a lot of thinking.

But what if he reminded us of his Kinder Bueno ad? These photos from 2010 will undoubtedly be the easiest to remember. At the time, Lukaku was still a teenage phenomenon in Anderlecht.

Since then, the striker has developed by leaps and bounds on the field and in the advertising world.

Because just like the interest of the big clubs, the interest of brands has also increased in committing to the red devil. Especially since Lukaku signed a deal in 2018 with American Roc Nation, Jay-Z’s management agency, the number of collaborations exploded.

A piece of collective memory: Romelu Lukaku’s Kinder Bueno spot.

luxury brands

In recent years, for example, Lukaku has already promoted Abercrombie & Fitch fragrances, Gillette razors and Sony game consoles.

After moving to Inter, Lukaku was consciously associated with Italian luxury brands such as Versace and Maserati, two sectors closely linked to the country. The shooter shows off flashy clothes and cars with natural flair on his social media.

“Romelo makes himself heard, and therefore he is a role model,” Michael Jormark, CEO of Roc Nation, told De Tijd. “It is up to Romelu to choose the opportunities he will take. We are constantly discussing where he stands and where he wants to go.”

Romelu makes himself heard and thus is a role model.

Michael Yorkmark, CEO of Roc Nation

These seem to be the most comfortable shoes now. Lukaku announced yesterday that he will become an ambassador for… Crocs. The brand of plastic clogs was very popular ten years ago, but then it was considered mainly crime fashion.

However, shoes are making a big comeback since the Corona pandemic. Partly because stars like Justin Bieber and Kanye West have pushed the hype to an unprecedented height.

And so Lukaku also happily puts his buddy #47 into custom clogs.

“Proud to be Crocs’ ambassador. Let’s go!”

More promotional posts from Romelu Lukaku

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