February 2, 2023

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a look.  Horror trip with 70 drunk guys to Ibiza |  a stranger

a look. Horror trip with 70 drunk guys to Ibiza | a stranger

One person’s dream is another’s nightmare, and that’s much evident in these photos of a Ryanair flight to Ibiza. After leaving in Edinburgh, Scotland, about 70 drunken youths set the device on stilts with loud music. They dance, bang on the ceiling, and harass other passengers.


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Other travelers fear the situation will escalate. “People were afraid to go to the toilet,” a Scottish couple in their fifties told British media. “They were afraid of getting hit on the head only to be hit with a flying bottle of Gray Goose vodka they bought at Duty Free.” The woman also says that a female passenger should push a young man away because he will not leave her alone.

More booze

The passengers are very upset that the crew let the gang leave for three hours, and not wait for any police in Ibiza. “The only time Ryanair ever approached them was to give them more booze,” says the Scotswoman. The couple filed a complaint, to which Ryanair only responded with a standard answer a month later. The couple vowed never to fly again with the Irish low-cost airline.


A Ryanair spokesperson told British media that staff on board did indeed intervene. “To defuse the situation and limit the inconvenience to other passengers, the crew made several announcements during the flight. I refused each passenger more than two alcoholic drinks. The passengers stopped their disruptive behavior before the plane landed safely in Ibiza.”

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