June 2, 2023

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a look.  K3 member Marthe can already be seen in 2009 during Studio 100 |  Television

a look. K3 member Marthe can already be seen in 2009 during Studio 100 | Television

TelevisionThe documentary “K3, One Year Later” on Saturday night showed how Marthe really gave her best in 2009 during Sinterklaas’ big shows at Studio 100. Hanne also had special news to tell. She shows her newborn son Julian to the other group members for the first time.


VTM docusoap has paid great attention to the preparations for the Sinterklaas show of Studio 100. It turns out that Marthe really has a lot of experience. “I did my first Sintshow in 2009,” she explained. “At the time I sang in the Studio 100 backing choir. When I was allowed to join the group years later, I was suddenly on top. It felt very strange.”

The broadcast also showed how Julia and Marthe received a private video call from Hanne. The red-haired K3 member exclaimed in ecstasy: “You see, I am in the hospital.” “Our little boy is here! This is Julian.” Meanwhile, Jorn, Han’s husband, shows cuteness pokey in front of the camera. Julia and Marthe could not remain in their happiness: “Oh my God, what a beautiful baby!”

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Because of her pregnancy, Hanne has to miss K3 for a while. Fortunately, the singer was there for a bit when the group introduced their new album. During the photo shoot, Julia and Marthe bring out a cardboard copy of their fellow group member. “Hanne was very flexible. She adjusted really well throughout the day,” the two joked.

Marth could already be heard in 2009 on Sinterklaas’s Studio 100 show. © VTM

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