December 8, 2022

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a look.  Russians steal animals from the zoo during Kherson's retreat |  Ukraine and Russia war

a look. Russians steal animals from the zoo during Kherson’s retreat | Ukraine and Russia war

The footage shows the Russians stealing animals from the Kherson Zoo before escaping. Wolves, raccoons, llamas and donkeys are forced into a truck and transported to a suspicious zoo in the Crimea.


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11-13-22, 21:43

Twitter, Novaya Gazeta

Controversial founder of Taigan Wildlife Park, Oleg Zubkov, has published a video showing raccoons and llamas being taken from Kherson Zoo under the guise of a rescue operation. It shows how a llama is willingly pushed into a truck and how Zubkov hunts raccoons with his bare hands.

The businessman had previously been accused of negligence regarding the park’s security measures. For example, a court previously sentenced the man to two years and three months in prison because Taigan Park did not meet safety standards.

a look. This is how the Russians steal animals from the zoo during Kherson’s retreat

Just this summer, a one-year-old baby was bitten by a lion in the zoo. After the accident, the baby’s finger was amputated.

However, in late October, the Supreme Court of Crimea overturned the ruling. Then it was reported that Sergei Aksyonov, the head of Crimea, personally refused Oleg Zubkov.

Russians steal llamas and raccoons from the Kherson Zoo, among other things. © Twitter

Ukrainian officials also confirmed that Russian forces had stolen raccoons and other animals.

Stolen raccoons in particular are attracting attention on social media, with Ukrainians posting memes calling for his release. “Save Private Raccoon,” appears, among other things, in reference to the multi-award winning war movie “Saving Private Ryan.”

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