February 1, 2023

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A man tries to fill up with petrol without paying but forgets he has a diesel car | abroad

A fairly remarkable robbery on Saturday afternoon at a gas station in the Dutch city of Breda. A motorist tried to drive away without paying for petrol. However, he didn’t get very far: it turned out that he owned a diesel car.

The driver of the car previously attracted the attention of the gas station staff. The man drove the car to the property with a registered license plate. In addition, he allegedly stole fuel from the same pump in the same vehicle a week earlier.

After the car stopped a few feet away from the pump, the suspect started running. The staff ran after him, after which the driver was found a little later. A petrol station employee handed him over to the police, who arrested him.

The car stopped most likely because the suspect filled the tank of his diesel car with petrol instead of diesel. The man is under arrest and is suspected of stealing fuel twice and driving with disguised license plates. The detective is investigating the case.

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