February 6, 2023

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A man was stabbed to death on the dance floor of a packed techno club abroad

In the British city of Birmingham, a 23-year-old man was stabbed on the dance floor of a nightclub on Boxing Day. Despite efforts to save him, the victim died. “There were hundreds of people in the nightclub at the time,” the police said. The perpetrators or perpetrators at the moment have no trace. The police opened a murder investigation.

West Midlands Police have opened a murder investigation. The emergency services received a report of the stabbing at Crane nightclub in Birmingham on Monday evening at approximately 11.45pm. Famous techno DJ Marco Carola came to play there that evening, reports the BBC.

Club employees and called doctors tried to save the victim, but the young man was declared dead 30 minutes after the accident. The club was closed after the incident, which caused a great deal of chaos according to those present.

The police is looking for the culprit or perpetrators, but this does not seem easy at first sight. The photos down on the dance floor during a club party earlier this month give an idea of ​​the turmoil caused by the stabbing.

“This was a young man enjoying himself with his friends on a Boxing Day night out,” Chief Constable Michelle Thorgood told Sky News. Our thoughts are with his friends and family today.

“There were hundreds of people in the nightclub at the time,” Tharqud continues. “We have already been able to speak to some of those present, but there are many other witnesses who can be questioned as to who witnessed what happened, or perhaps filmed it.”

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No arrests yet

The police temporarily assume that the victim was approached by a group of people, and then stabbed. “We are now trying to identify everyone involved.” As of Tuesday morning, according to Birmingham Live, no one has been arrested.