August 16, 2022

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A new type of tourist 'does not act' in the Wadden Islands: 'They are more demanding, more noisy' |  Abroad

A new type of tourist ‘does not act’ in the Wadden Islands: ‘They are more demanding, more noisy’ | Abroad

“Instead of seeking peace and tranquility, sun and sea-worshippers have come to the islands. They are more demanding and noisy. They are not used to the situation on the island and are acting accordingly,” Ameland officials said in the report. “They surf through the dunes with scooters, they pass through a village honking and shouting, cutting rare plants with the intent of putting them in the garden at home, sometimes being too impatient on the terraces.”

Because of the Corona measures, travel abroad for two years has not been or is hardly possible. The Wadden Islands at that time saw a huge increase in the number of tourists, who usually go to foreign, sunny places, and who “lacked prior knowledge of the value of the islands”.

Ameland has started a campaign to better inform the tourist. Texel also wants to curb tourist growth and is considering limiting the maximum number of tourists allowed to spend the night on the island. A number of islands fear it will become a “yobi island” or a “party island”. This fear is fueled by the decline in the number of camping sites as more and more people with money are buying their vacation homes, the report said. Such a house is empty most days of the year. Islanders suffer from this. In addition, the islands fear that home buyers will be less interested in the traditional values ​​of the Wadden Islands.

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