February 7, 2023

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A pioneering vision of luxury

Imagicasa would like to take you to a simple one-bedroom apartment, intended for relaxation in an ever-on-the-go city. Caprini & Pellerin Architectes has reinvented the Hausmann apartment in the heart of Paris. Today we reveal this beautiful modest apartment.

Kevin Caprini and Jerry Pellerin founded the architecture firm Caprini & Pellerin, based in Cannes, in 2008. The two friends started out with a shared passion for residential design. “Kevin and I met at boarding school and our friendship quickly developed. We spent hours daydreaming and designing our own idyllic islands with resorts and cabins. For example, Kevin has always been a great painter with tremendous artistic talent,” Pellerin tells us. “Our relationship is expressed through the juxtaposition of the emotional (Jerry) and the rational (I) in a way rooted in a rich understanding of meaning and place,” adds Cabrini. The duo works on luxury residential and commercial projects. In 2014 they acquired Collection Privée Architecture, a well-known design practice with over thirty years of experience. Since then, they have earned a reputation for offering their timeless designs. Their pioneering vision of luxury always ensures a successful collaboration with their clients. For this project, the team completely reworked the volumes and materials of a Haussmannian apartment, to create a ’70s-inspired space where contemporary pieces and vintage treasures mix freely. They focused on maximizing space by painting new perspectives and creating striking elements that could alter perceptions and shift the gaze outward for a panoramic view of the Grand Palais and the Eiffel Tower. The client commissioned the designers to transform the spacious apartment into a stylish and comfortable home. Much of the apartment’s original architectural influence has been reconfigured by adding the theme of arches, niches, arched partitions and barrel vaults. A soothing palette of beige travertine slabs and metallic grout runs like a red thread through the whole. Although the colors used are subdued, the architects injected an extra sense of warmth through the use of oak, walnut, and bronze. Tranquility and softness find their meaning in the virtue of organic materials, neutral colors, sober lines and subtlety of detail, all means used by architects to emphasize volume and thus create an orderly scenography.

Where historical heritage, traditional craftsmanship, modern technology and design are all one

The architects not only played with material and volume, but also with light. They chose Holland & Cherry and James Malone fabrics for the curtains and Bison Bruneel for the upholstery. They also custom designed the library in walnut and bronze, the bathtub in brass, and the alchemy in limestone, brick, and bronze. Through the design, they found a way to light the dining room without using pendants, leaving the beauty of the ceiling intact. This choice matches the selection of antique furniture and selected artwork. A number of the select vintage pieces are the Chandigarh chair set by Le Corbusier, the Traccia table by Meret Oppenheim and the original Valentino table by Cattelan Italia living together under the same roof with the contemporary Groundpiece sofa by Flexform, the dainty stock rug by Fay Toogood and the Duo Multilaque coffee tables by Pierre Augustin. Rose. In terms of artwork, she was chosen by architects Robert Compass and Le Corbusier. In addition, the duo chose to use beige tones. This neutral color palette pairs well with smooth lines, natural and noble materials, and subtle details adorning every corner, creating a relaxed atmosphere. The elegance of Caprini & Pellerin’s latest project is reflected in the choice of soothing materials and hues, and in the excellent choice of furniture and accompanying décor. One thing is for sure: we will be keeping a close eye on this agency’s story for more inspiring projects no doubt!

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