December 6, 2022

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A powerful dose of emotion and a few tears: the knockout brings back a lot of emotion in "The Voice" |  Television

A powerful dose of emotion and a few tears: the knockout brings back a lot of emotion in “The Voice” | Television

TelevisionFriday night, it’s time once again for a series of knockout punches in “The Voice.” Feelings were already escalating, because many of the candidates were clearly identical. So it promises to be a difficult battle and one in which impossible choices must be made.

Brandon He performed his version of “Swim Good” by Frank Ocean during Knockouts. “This is definitely not an easy song, but you did a great job,” says Jan Paternoster. She sees Natalya as a good student at Brandon. “I felt like you worked on the points we discussed. I see real progress and as a coach it’s very good to see.

bram He showed off his best moves with a funky cover from Jamiroquai’s song “Okay”. “I really crave more,” the candidate admitted cautiously after his performance. “You did a really good job of such a tough song,” Jan Patternuster says afterwards. According to Con Waters, this was one of the best shows he’s ever seen. “I am a very happy coach.”

johan It can do so much more than just rock. He brought a different kind with Little Black Submarines, but he only received praise from the coaches. “Good choice of songs, and it matches your voice perfectly,” says Jan Paternoster. Then Natalia admitted that she regrets that she never played with Johan: “I think you are a very sympathetic man, but you are also very nice to see you on stage.

a lot of praise for Rozana After her copy of “Love From Later”. It not only moved the coaches, but the audience as well. “I really got goosebumps. It was really beautiful,” Natalia said afterwards. And Quinn Waters was a proud coach too.” “The most important thing is: We believe in you. I believe you. Every time.”

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Sarah She gave a solid performance with Sam Smith’s Lay Me Down, but in the end the candidate failed to hold back her tears. It appears to be “too much”, among other things. According to the coaches, there is no reason to cry and they do their best to reassure Sarah. “I think you did a great job,” appears persuasive in Mathieu Terryn, something Koen Wauters can only assure: “I am very proud of you. You just have to believe in yourself, because you really deserve it.

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