September 30, 2022

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A "relatively quiet night" in Kyiv, Europe's largest nuclear power plant under Russian control: the ninth day of the war

A “relatively quiet night” in Kyiv, Europe’s largest nuclear power plant under Russian control: the ninth day of the war

Ukrainian authorities have stated that the nuclear power plant in Zaporozhye, located in southeastern Ukraine, is now under Russian control. It happened after a whole night of bombing. She added that the workers at the nuclear power plant are currently ensuring the safe operation of the plant.

A fire during the fighting also caused great concern. The fire broke out in a training building about 150 meters from the nuclear reactor, but it did not threaten the reactor itself. The fire service was initially unable to intervene because the site was under fire, but was eventually allowed access to put out the flames and was able to bring the fire under control.

Ukraine informed the IAEA that the fire did not affect basic equipment and that no change in radiation levels was reported. Meanwhile, the International Atomic Energy Agency has announced that no radioactive material has actually been released and reactors have not been bombed, but says the situation around the nuclear power plant remains “extremely tense”.

According to the Ukrainian authorities, 3 Ukrainian soldiers were killed in the attack on the nuclear site.

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