December 8, 2022

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A result that doesn't benefit anyone: OHL and AA Gent draw a tie |  Jupiler Pro League 2022/2023

A result that doesn’t benefit anyone: OHL and AA Gent draw a tie | Jupiler Pro League 2022/2023

Despite the home team’s bright start, Ghent almost took the lead after fifteen minutes. OHL Cojocaru goalkeeper suddenly made a mistake while playing football. Hong forgot to break up his early Christmas present and headed wide.

It was one of the few events in a lackluster first half, until Hjulsager suddenly put Samoise in front of goal in superb fashion. The right-back first faced Kojokaru, but Kuipers cleverly followed up to push the first goal past the Romanian defender.

Even after the break, OHL was eager to get started, despite the scarcity of opportunities. However, the home team got paid for the action when the ball hit the ball after a foul by Owusu. Gonzalez did not hesitate and put the banners in order.

Gent collapsed like a house of cards and wasn’t so lucky much after that as Nardy kept Gonzalez from 2-1 with a great save. It was a save that almost gave the visitors victory in the end, but Okumo took aim at Kojokaru after a chaotic stage.

Once again Gent loses some of its gains in the top four, while OHL remains in eighth place.

Mark Price (coach, Ohio Leuven): “In the first half we had a better game, only the last pass was too hasty. After the break we tried to improve that and then it’s good to take another point. Although we have to count on the whole match, we already won here. The will to win with us was greater. So much so it’s a pity that we couldn’t finish our chances.”

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Hein Vanhaezebrouck (Coach AA Gent): “There was more today. The goal against him was not necessary and it was also debatable. In the first half there was also a questionable stage at 2-0, but these are the choices the referee makes. We didn’t have twice, but that we have to accept. If You whistle and play cards a lot, you’re causing stress. It wasn’t really necessary. I’m very satisfied with my team, because they stayed upright. Getting a point is Lovin’ always a good thing.”