December 1, 2022

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A train with hundreds of passengers derailed in Dutch Limburg |  Abroad

A train with hundreds of passengers derailed in Dutch Limburg | Abroad

At night from Saturday to Sunday, a flight with hundreds of passengers on board derailed between Weert and Haelen in the Netherlands. A spokesman for the fire service said there were no reports of injuries. The Dutch Railways Authority (NS) has stated that passengers will be transported to nearby Roermond using an alternative train. This train also came from Roermond.

Infrastructure manager ProRail initially announced that there were about 500 passengers on the train. Later this was corrected to 250 passengers. However, the security zone reported that it belonged to 500 passengers. “It is about many young people who have visited the fair in Vert,” a spokesperson said.

The front of the train derailed. This train is still standing, and it can also be seen on photos from local media. It remains unclear how the train derailed. Search is in progress. Several emergency services are on site. After derailing, the lane leader toured the train and found, according to an NS spokesperson, that no one was hurt.

An NS spokesperson stated that because the train derailed, they were stranded in the opposite direction. There were fifteen passengers on that train. They are taken to Eindhoven by bus.

NS anticipates that there will be no possible train traffic between Weert and Roermond until 6pm on Sunday due to the train derailment and will run on a revised schedule. ProRail couldn’t say much about the duration of the rescue work and said early Sunday morning that there would definitely be no trains “in the coming hours”.

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