December 1, 2022

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A Turkish singer was beaten to death after refusing to sing a song request |  Music

A Turkish singer was beaten to death after refusing to sing a song request | Music

Turkish singer Onur Şener, 45, was beaten to death by three men last night after performing at a nightclub in the Turkish capital, Ankara. Sener was killed for not wanting to sing a song.

The three asked the singer to play a dial number during the performance. Sener began singing the song in karaoke form, but the trio was not satisfied with that. One of them asked the singer to sing the song the way he wanted. The Turkish newspaper wrote that Şener refused and reportedly asked the men not to interfere with his work.freedom“.

An altercation ensued and the men were expelled from the room. The singer-singer trio waited outside after the party with broken bottles and hit him on the head, neck and face. Sener sustained serious glass injuries and was taken to hospital, but help was no longer available.

suspicious officials

The police arrested the three suspects. These are the officials Ilker K. and Ali c. And electrical engineer Semih S.. According to Turkish media, Ali and Semih claimed to the police that İlkir killed the singer and that they tried to separate them, İlker in turn says that he did not. I don’t know who did that. A neighborhood investigation showed that security cameras around the club had also been broken.

Şener gave intense performance in Turkey and became famous since entering the musical TV talent show “O Ses Türkiye” in 2013. He leaves behind a son and a wife. He will be buried today / Monday.