July 16, 2024

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A video showing the unrest in a restaurant in Utrecht due to ignoring the Corona examination, and the municipality intervenes and replaces the work locks |  Abroad

A video showing the unrest in a restaurant in Utrecht due to ignoring the Corona examination, and the municipality intervenes and replaces the work locks | Abroad

The Dutch municipality of Utrecht has replaced the locks on the city’s “Waku Waku” restaurant, after the manager refused to check visitors’ CoronaCheck (Dutch Covid Safe Ticket, editor) app. The restaurant usually opens at 1pm, but that won’t happen now. Yesterday she was still very restless. So far, there are many interested parties present in the area, agents and other enforcers are on site to keep calm.

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The Mayor of Utrecht, Sharon Dijksma, announced yesterday that the Waku Waku restaurant was closed immediately due to non-compliance with the Dutch Corona rules. She was responding to Waco Waco’s decision not to ask guests for their Corona Card.


Owners Floris Bookers and Navasa Parinosa did not care about the forced closure and kept the business open yesterday. Bokers said in response to Dutch media that he did not want to check because he would then distinguish between people with and without CoronaCheck. He doesn’t feel it, he sees it as discrimination.

Law enforcement officers in the city came early in the evening to ask the owners to shut down again, but until then they refused. The implementers then indicated that they would discuss next steps.

Dozens gathered in front of the restaurant to support the staff and owners. © Queen Lorig

About 30 to 40 sympathizers gathered at the door during the evening to cheer on the staff. They clapped and chatted and sat their arms in protest at the door. A man brought a box of chocolates as a sign of support. The restaurant was also called by several people who wanted to show their support to the owners and staff.

When the police on hand initially did not take any action, at a certain time they asked the owners to hand over the key to the building. They replied: “Impossible.” “I close the door myself at 11 p.m. and then I leave,” Bookers said. In the end, the police agreed to this request. Shortly after 11 pm, peace returned to the restaurant.




Anyone wishing to enter the food industry in the Netherlands since Saturday must show a valid vaccination or refund certificate or a negative corona test. But the owners of this restaurant disagree. Beukers and Parinussa find it too important to risk the future of their restaurant. “We’re ready for this fight, because we know we’re right,” Bookers says.

The couple already threw on the Internet a week ago that they will not participate in the Corona examination. That is why the municipality of Utrecht visited it twice before: “Were they sure about it?”


We consider vaccination a personal choice and stand up for bodily integrity.

Floris Bookers, Waco Waco

“They called again this morning. That’s very nice, but we are deeply convinced that Corona Corridor equals medical discrimination and segregation.” “We believe that vaccination is a personal choice and symbolizes physical safety. The corona passage is a direct vaccination compulsion. Life becomes impossible if you are not vaccinated against the Corona virus.”

Floris Bookers from Waco Waco.

Floris Bookers from Waco Waco. © Angelique de Jong

The municipality said that an initial conversation was held with the businessman last Thursday about the preservation of Corona tickets and that the operator then stated that it would not check in principle. According to the municipality, there was “a tone of intimidation towards the existing implementers”.

On Saturday evening, law enforcement officials found that Waco Waco guests did not actually have to show their Corona card. On Tuesday, the locks were replaced, after the restless Monday evening.



The Moeke restaurant in Nijmegen was also forced to close on Saturday, because two local checks showed that Moeke customers were not asked for a corona entry ticket when they entered work. The operator of the catering facility then immediately went to court to challenge the closure order.

After Moeke promised to remove a sign at the entrance that read “You don’t have to prove yourself to Moeke” and signal to customers that they could only enter if they had a valid pass, Mayor Hubert Bruls decided. van. Nijmegen to lift the lockdown.

Because, according to Moeke’s attorney, many catering companies want to clarify whether the mayor can take “such drastic action as an immediate closure” if the Corona rules are violated, he wants the first-aid judge to issue a ruling on Saturday. He worked in a restaurant Nijmegen. The court will announce this ruling next Sunday at the latest.

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Restaurant owner talking to police in Waco Waco.

Restaurant owner talking to police in Waco Waco. © ANP



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