January 27, 2023

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A well-known Dutch critic of the vaccine died after contracting corona

A well-known Dutch critic of the vaccine died after contracting corona

Robin Frenchman © Richard Km / De Telegraaf

Robin Fransmann, one of the most famous critics of Corona in the Netherlands, has died. This is confirmed by his ally Eric-Jean Fleger. At the beginning of this month, the Frenchman himself reported on Twitter that he had tested positive for Corona.

Nearly four weeks ago, on December 3, the Frenchman announced, via Twitter, that he had contracted coronavirus. “Corona is positive. It’s time too.” It wasn’t long before Fransmann was admitted to the hospital. He died on Tuesday at OLVG Oost Hospital in Amsterdam as a result of his infection, according to Dutch media. The Frenchman was intentionally unvaccinated and voiced strong criticism on social media of the efficacy and desirability of vaccines.

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As president of Herstel-NL, a group of economists, clinicians and scientists, Fransmann has opposed the shutdowns in our northern neighbors in particular. According to him, this policy caused more harm than health benefits. According to Fransman, the forced closure of the food industry, theaters and cinemas would “create a new generation of vulnerable people”. A national campaign was launched under the slogan: “There is a plan to open the Netherlands.”

After the launch, at the beginning of February 2021, the Herstel-NL plan was immediately criticized. After that, a number of economists left the club. On Twitter, Fransman stated at the time that the initiators had been pressured by politicians to stop the campaign.

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