July 16, 2024

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A woman posts on Facebook to find a ‘missing’ friend, but he lives only 8000 km away

A woman posts on Facebook to find a ‘missing’ friend, but he lives only 8000 km away

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A woman in China searching for her “missing” boyfriend has requested online help on a Facebook page from his hometown of Norwich, England. But she not only found her boyfriend, but also found out that he is married and has three children.

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When American Rachel Waters, who lives in China, lost track of her boyfriend Paul Magee, she decided to seek help on Facebook. Paul was actually visiting his hometown of Norwich in Norfolk in England, but it didn’t come back as planned.

“I have an unusual question. My friend Paul Magee and I live in Shenzhen, China. He went home (Norwich) for a visit in early April and will be back in China now. But I still haven’t heard from him and I’m afraid something might have happened. If anyone knows Anything, please contact me,” Waters wrote on Facebook with a photo of the two of them.

Soon she received the first reaction from a friend of Paul’s wife who lives in England. “Not really funny. “He has a wife and kids and now I feel sorry for her,” she wrote after Rachel took her original Facebook message.

“Let’s try again”

Paul and his partner haven’t met each other in two years. They have recently come back and they have found each other again. They have been separated for a long time and have children together. “Let’s try again,” they must have thought,” said a friend of Paul’s wife the sun According to whom there was no overlap between the relationships.

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According to his friends, Paul had moved to Shenzen before the pandemic to work there, but due to the pandemic and lockdown, he stayed there longer than planned. Thus began his relationship with Rachel. Originally from South Carolina, she attended university in the UK but moved to China to work as a Brand Manager.

She was Paul’s mother the sun She confirmed that she was aware of the situation, but refused to comment. Rachel would not have responded to the British newspaper reports at the moment.