December 7, 2023

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Aankoop test warns of 'frightening rates': 'Livestock...

Aankoop test warns of ‘frightening rates’: ‘Livestock…

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Consumer organization Test Aankoop warns of “terrifying” tariffs for electricity and natural gas in November, and fears that many people will not be able to pay their bills anymore.

GVSource: Special Reporting, Belgium

The Aankoop test talks about “frankly scary rates”. According to the consumer organization, the average household who has to renew an electricity contract that expires in November will have to pay €780 for a new contract at a fixed price. That’s 33 percent more than the record high set in October, and 135 percent more than it was in 2019. That’s just for the power itself, so without network tariffs and fees.

For natural gas, the picture is “more hallucinogenic,” according to the Aankoop test. It comes to 2,500 euros per year at a flat rate, or double in two months. “If we add tariffs and levies on the grid, we arrive at an annual bill of over €3,000, almost three times what it was two years ago,” Test Aankoop says. On average, you pay a little less for a variable contract, but there is also a significant increase: from 1,900 euros in October to 2,240 euros in November.

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Above, Test Aankoop indicates that many suppliers have completely or partially canceled their fixed offer. “Today there are only about 20 fixed-rate plans on the electricity market in Flanders and Wallonia, and only a dozen for natural gas. Half compared to the past few months. It is sad in Brussels: there are only two fixed-rate plans left. “

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What now?

Therefore Test Aankoop advises consumers whose energy contracts expire to compare, for example via This tool on their website. “Of course, prices have gone up significantly with all suppliers, but now more than ever it pays to find the most advantageous contract for your profile.”

“Today, it does not make sense to fix high prices for a year,” the organization said. “If you prefer a fixed price, be sure to follow price developments closely in the coming months and switch once prices drop again. With the variable contract, you automatically enjoy dips in the market.”